Take Instant Photos like a Pro with the Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6

The new Fujifilm instax Square SQ6 is the new square-format instant camera to come to town. If you’re not familiar with this series, it’s an instant camera that allows you to do on-the-spot photo printing so you can make tangible mementoes to keep with you wherever you go. Think of it as real-life Instagram without being a real-life attention seeker.

Fujifilm instax SQ6 black frame

Along with the SQ6, Fujifilm also released a black-framed film that you can use with it. It’s extra cool, because the black frame makes your photos look even more vibrant and colorful.

Real Life Instagram Filters

The instax Square SQ6 comes with a host of fun and useful functions. There is, of course, the Automatic Exposure Adjustment functions for people who don’t really need much customisation to their photos and are happy to snap things as they are. This mode is also able to capture subjects in darkened rooms vividly and clearly by optimising the shutter speed and flash intensity.

Then there’s Selfie Mode, which helps millennials automatically find the optimal focus and brightness for taking pictures of themselves.

Fujifilm instax SQ6 auto and selfie mode

Exposure Adjustment allows people who travel in areas with really funky lighting, such as places with too much sunlight casting too many shadows. It’s also great for experienced photographers who will never touch a camera’s “auto” function with a ten foot pole.

Fujifilm instax SQ6 exposure adjustment

Macro Mode allows short range shooting with a minimum of 30cm, to take really generic flower shots or close-ups of your adorable puppy.

On the opposing end, there’s Landscape Mode, for long-range shooting from a minimum of 2m. With so much beautiful architecture in Singapore, this is a pretty useful mode. It’s also great for taking pictures of girlfriends that always complain that your photos make them look fat.

Fujifilm instax SQ6 macro and landscape mode

Double Exposure allows you to take really cool Wes Anderson or Mouline Rouge style photos by letting you splice two images into one. Choose appropriate subjects though, or you’ll end up with a nightmare.

Fujifilm instax SQ6 double exposure

Finally, to really make your photographs look like Instagram printouts, the SQ6 comes with three Flash Color Filters to add that psychedelic tinge to your photos.

Fujifilm instax SQ6 color filters