Voice Conferences without Annoyances with beyerdynamic’s Phonum

beyerdynamic is introducing the Phonum, an intelligent audio solution for the modern meeting culture. The compact, portable battery-operated speakerphone uses a downfire loudspeaker for the best possible sound reproduction and beyerdynamic’s Voice Compass technology to draw attention to each spoken word. No more “HELLO? HELLO?”s being shouted in the office!

Meet Now? Sure!

Todays meetings are often more fast-paced, with the need for clarification or discussion often arising spontaneously without advanced notice. To help with this need, the speakerphone of the Phonum can be set up quickly and easily in any room and connected effortlessly via Bluetooth or USB to a smartphone or computer. This enables meetings to be held without large conference rooms and complex, fixed communications systems that will give your company’s IT guy a massive headache.

Beyerdynamic Phonum

Great Listening with the Downfire Loudspeaker

God knows how annoying skyping someone on a dingy little laptop can be. The truth is, it’s a hundred times more annoying for your colleagues as you and your client shout over the laptop in order to hear each other. The Phonum uses a downfire loudspeaker that radiates the sound across the table surface, thereby distributing it optimally throughout the room. This means all meeting participants can hear perfectly. The Phonum ensures that no word and no idea go unheard during a meeting.

Speak Freely: Voice Compass

Of course, it’s not just being able to understand your client that’s important in a meeting, but being understood, too. With three microphone capsules, beyerdynamic’s Phonum captures the words spoken in the room flawlessly. It also comes with the exclusive Voice Compass technology that ensures excellent speech intelligibility.

With Voice Compass, the Phonum is able to identify the speaker’s position in the room and focus the audio capture process on this person. The result is the perfect transmission of the spoken word while eliminating echo and background noise, ensuring faultless intelligibility even in acoustically-challenging spaces.

People having a voice conference with the Beyerdynamic Phonum

Cable-free and spontaneous thanks to rechargeable battery operation

When setting up voice conferences with a large number of participants, moving the meeting location can be a headache. However, the Phonum allows any room to become a meeting room. Forgot to book a meeting room again? No problem.

The system is barely bigger than the palm of your hand, and can thus be carried effortlessly from room to room or be taken with you on the road. Bluetooth connectivity means that the Phonum can be connected to smartphones, tablets or computers completely cable-free. You can also connect using a USB C cable if required. A power connection is not even necessary as the Phonum can be powered with its integrated rechargeable battery, and with up to 15 hours speaking time it offers more than enough time for longer meetings.