The Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 Transforms Ten Different Ways

How convenient would it be if you could collapse a bag into the size of your fist, then expand it whenever you need into ten different configurations and sizes? And merely through the simple and ingenious use of drawstring? The Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 is meant for globetrotters who just cannot be bothered with re-packing bags for work, day trips, and long holidays in the fear of missing something out.

Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 modes

Made for the Globetrotter

The durable and versatile Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 is made of 900D nylon, making it very water-resistant (yes, even the zippers). It comes with multiple handles and three adjustable, padded detachable straps: One longer strap for the sling bag configuration, and two shorter straps for backpack use. The entire bag weighs less than 1kg so don’t be afraid that you’d get tied down with extra weight on your shoulders.

Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 Slingbag

In the day, the bag can be expanded to a duffel bag, either hand-carried or simply slung over the shoulder. For a hike, it can be stretched further to form haversacks of different sizes. Checking in your bag for a flight? Just lock up the main compartment. At the end of the day, just collapse the bag to store it in your car boot to reduce the clutter in your closet.

Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 Backpack

Your New Best Friend

Piorama Adjustable Bag A10 Red

The A10 bag is akin to your spontaneous travel buddy whom you can call up for either a day trip to Johor Bahru or a month-long getaway to Malibu. It is functional for most sorts of trips and is the ideal travel companion. Believe me when I say that the A10 bag can be expanded from 31L capacity to double of that! That’s 62L of space for all the trinkets you want to bring back from overseas. If the grey one in the picture isn’t to your liking, go for black, navy, or military green, or be extra adventurous with camo print or red. The inner lining of the bag is bright blue so you can find and fish out your items really quickly, zip it up and get going.

Available at Analogue+, Tangs, GroupHunt Marketplace, Black Tactical, We The People Store and Terrainware at S$209.