The Futuristic Xperia Touch has come to Singapore

When we first heard about the Xperia Touch, we were pretty amazed at this piece of technological innovation. Turning your table or wall into a touchscreen tablet? Seems like the stuff of dreams, or something only really rich corporations can afford. The Xperia Touch is now available in Singapore at Sony Stores in 313@Somerset and Changi Airport Terminal 3. You can try a demo of the product at these stores at well, to get a feel for amazing gadget yourself.

What is the Xperia Touch?

The Xperia Touch is an interactive projector that turns any flat surface into a HD touchscreen. You can do it either horizontally, such as on a table, or vertically, such as on your wall. The interface is fast, fluid, and responsive – just like using a tablet. It comes with two-way speakers that provide rich sound for games and videos.

Xperia Touch wall projection

The Xperia Touch combines interactivity with collaboration. Friends and family members can gather around a table and watch videos, play games, or make conference calls together. Businesses can use the Xperia Touch to erect makeshift meeting rooms anywhere in the office, and schools can use it in their classrooms for truly immersive teaching. The possibilities are endless.

The Xperia Touch runs any app or game from the Google Play Store, and is compatible with Playstation 4 Remote Play.

It’s available at a suggested retail price of $2,298.