NAD Launches VISO HP70 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headphones

Say hello to the new VISO HP70 from NAD Electronics, a leading manufacturer of premium home audio and video products. Initially previewed at CES, the VISO HP70 is a wireless, full-size headphone with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC),  Tri-Mode operation, and the company’s exclusive RoomFeel technology.

Man listening with VISO HP70 while reading

It also happens to be NAD’s first wireless headphone, and is the company’s most advanced design to date. A much-anticipated encore to the best-selling HP50 launched in 2013, the NAD HP70 is targeted for the performance-minded music lover on-the-go.

Tri-Mode Operation

The NAD HP70 employs Tri-Mode operation which simply means the headphone can be operated in three different ways: Active with ANC, Active only or Passive mode. In environments where noise is audible, Active with ANC is recommended while some may choose Active without ANC where ambient noise is not an issue. Passive mode is offered for those who have a dedicated amplifier or when the built-in power pack is running low.

Unlike some headphones with ANC, the HP70 can be operated passively when power has been depleted.

RoomFeel Technology

NAD HP70 3-4 view black

Used in all NAD headphones, RoomFeel™ makes music sound more natural by considering the effects of the room on music playback. Utilizing the DSP capabilities of the HP70s Bluetooth chipset, NAD engineers are now able to more precisely apply RoomFeel™ technology. Almost all recorded music is monitored using direct radiating loudspeakers to determine the acoustic balance for the final mix. This transfer function scientifically takes into account the “room gain” that occurs when playing direct radiator loudspeakers in a room. The result is a much richer and more natural listening experience.

Wireless Convenience With Wired Performance

The HP70 offers the freedom of wireless with the performance of a wired headphone. HP70 features aptX™ HD, enabling 24-bit music quality over a Bluetooth wireless connection. There are also two different wired modes of operation – 3.5 mm wired connection or via USB from the computer which also recharges the batteries. For convenience, the HP70 comes supplied with a recharging cable. Enjoy the convenience of wireless operation while on the road, at the office or around the house with outstanding sound quality.

Man lying down with NAD HP70 headphones on

Particular attention on comfort and ergonomics has been placed in the design of the HP70 so it can be enjoyed for hours on end. The first thing one notices, at 11.3 ounces (320g), is the relative light weight for a full-size, active headphone. The unique multi-axis adjustable ear cups conform to the user’s head. The softness of the ear pads adds to sublime comfort. It also allows the HP70 to be enjoyed for hours on end. The expandable headband offers a wide range of adjustment for a personalized fit.

HP70 with accessories

The HP70 folds flat and comes supplied with a compact case for travel or storage. It comes with tangle- free cords for wired connection and for USB connection to a computer. The headphone also can pair to most smartphones for phone conversations. A “listen through mode” allows the user to momentarily listen to the outside world. It also lets them have the ability to answer a connected phone. Two built-in, hands-free mics provide enhanced clarity.

Pricing And Availability

The new NAD Electronics VISO HP70 Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphones retails locally at SGD$599. It’s now available at the NAD Showroom, located at 100 Beach Road, Shaw Tower, or online.