Promote Positive Social Media Engagement with LG’s ‘Optimism your feed’ Campaign

Credit Photo image – LG Electronics (Singapore)

LG Electronics has introduced a global campaign called ‘Optimism your feed,’ designed to enhance users’ social media experiences by encouraging engagement with positive and inspiring content.

“LG is a brand that prioritizes customer happiness and optimism. We aim to make a positive impact both online and in real life,” stated Kim Hyo-eun, vice president and head of LG’s Brand Management Division. “Even in the AI era, LG remains dedicated to our mission of ‘Life’s Good.’ We strive to improve our customers’ lives with a human-centric approach, fostering hope for a better future.”

A recent global survey commissioned by LG found that while social media serves as a source of entertainment, connection, and information, it also generates anxiety. Nearly half of the respondents (45 per cent) reported that their social media feeds contain as much or more negative content as positive. Additionally, 28 per cent said negative content increased their anxiety, and 20 per cent mentioned it made them unhappy. Studies also show that algorithms often prioritize negative and niche content.

The survey aimed to understand what influences algorithms and how to increase positive content in feeds. The result is the ‘Optimism your feed’ playlist, featuring original content that, when engaged with, attracts more positive posts. This playlist is part of LG’s broader Life’s Good campaign, launched last year to inspire optimism.

The ‘Optimism your feed’ playlist includes over 20 short-form videos, created in collaboration with global influencers like Tina Choi, Victoria Browne, and Josh Harmon. These videos range from motivational to feel-good content.

LG is also consulting with social media experts, including Professor Casey Fiesler, an information scientist and technology ethicist. Fiesler, who specializes in technology ethics, internet policy, and online communities, educates the public on these topics and has researched social media content moderation and recommender systems.

Credit Photo image – LG Electronics (Singapore)

Social media plays a significant role in our lives, and algorithms significantly influence the content we see. LG’s global playlist and campaign aim to provide users with more positive and uplifting posts. By consciously choosing content to engage with, users can introduce more optimism, balance, and happiness into their lives.

Fiesler explains, “Recommendation algorithms predict what content we will engage with, which can lead us into specific niches—both positive and negative. Research shows that without intervention, users can quickly encounter harmful content. Improving our digital literacy and understanding of algorithmic influence is crucial. Engaging with optimistic content increases the likelihood of seeing more of it.”

Victoria Browne, a global influencer and TEDx speaker added, “Social media algorithms significantly impact the content we see and our mental health. I’m passionate about ‘Optimism your feed’ and hope it helps retrain algorithms to promote positivity. Addressing mental health often involves unseen challenges, but this campaign encourages connection and mutual support. Our algorithms should foster connectivity, not isolation.”

The ‘Optimism your feed’ playlist is available on LG’s global TikTok channel (@lge_lifesgood) and YouTube channel (@LGGlobal) and will expand to various social media platforms through influencer collaborations. More information is available on the campaign page at (

LG’s ‘Optimism your feed’ campaign is part of a broader vision to inspire and encourage positivity in the digital world. By continuously updating and expanding the playlist with diverse and engaging content, LG aims to keep the momentum going and reach a broader audience. The company is committed to leveraging its platform and resources to promote a culture of optimism and well-being.

Users are encouraged to participate by exploring the ‘Optimism your feed’ playlist, sharing their favourite positive content, and using the hashtag #OptimismYourFeed on social media. This collective effort can create a ripple effect, spreading positivity across various platforms.

LG’s ‘Optimism your feed’ campaign exemplifies the brand’s dedication to improving lives through technology and positive engagement. By fostering a supportive and optimistic online community, LG hopes to contribute to a brighter and more connected world.