Why the Nokia 2 is the Perfect Smartphone to Watch World Cup 2018 On (Plus Giveaway!)

Most of us, even people who don’t usually follow football, will be catching the World Cup 2018. However, due to work, school and other commitments, we’ll most likely be forced to catch it on our mobile phones. To that end, a good phone will make following the World Cup a pleasant experience. We feel that the Nokia 2 is an excellent choice to do this. Here are some reasons why.

It Just Keeps Going

Perhaps a callback to the older Nokia phones that we used to have, the Nokia 2 has a phenomenal battery life. Most smartphones nowadays will have a battery life of 10 hours, with some pushing 12. The Nokia 2 has double that battery power. That’s right – it can be juiced for an impressive two whole days before needing a recharge. This is perfect for streaming the World Cup ad infinitum at work, school, or on the commute. You won’t have to bring a power bank along and damage your phone’s batteries in the process.

Nokia 2

The Screen is a Marvel to Behold

The Nokia 2 boasts a 5-inch LTPS LCD HD display. In layman terms, what this means is that you’ll get a bright, crisp viewing experience, all the while consuming less power so that your battery lasts longer. This perfect combination of presentation and functionality means that you’ll be able to stream all your matches in beautiful HD without needing to worry about the brilliant display sucking up all your battery’s power. It’s also big enough to share the experience with your friends and have a couple of beers.

It Works Fast

The processing power of the Nokia 2 is also no slouch. It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad-core processor, which is the industry standard in mobile processing power. This means that you’re not going to have problems like strange stutters or the video streaming app taking forever to load, or receiving a Whatsapp message causing all your apps to implode. It’s going to be a buttery smooth viewing experience.

We’re Giving Two Sets Away!

Nokia 2

The best part of the Nokia 2 is that you can stand a chance to walk away with one of two sets for FREE, just in time for football fever!

Tell us which is your favourite team or player, your favorite app to watch football with, and why. Submit your answers to info.nxt@kingsmanmedia.com and the two best entries will win a brand new Nokia 2 smartphone.

Contest ends on 31 March 2018, so hurry!