The Chronomètre FERDINAND BERTHOUD FB 1.3: Excellence in Platinum

Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3 close up

The Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3 brings all the features of the award winning Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.1 in a gorgeous platinum package. Its design, movement, finishing, and every tiny detail is the result of an uncompromising pursuit of excellence.

With only 50 timepieces produced in this iteration, the platinum 1.3 brings yet more classy exclusivity to the COSC chronometer-certified Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud line.

A Rich History of Expertise

Ferdinand Berthoud bust

Ferdinand Berthoud was a native of the Val-de-Travers who went on to become a horologist, inventor, and talented author. The master watchmaker and chronometer-maker made an indelible imprint on history with his creations. Perhaps the most iconic would be the 18th century Marine Clocks that guided the vessels of the King of France. Crafted with care and expertise, the exclusive Chronomètre FERDINAND BERTHOUD watches more than live up to their namesake.

Every Detail Has A Story

Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3 closeup on gears

The design of the Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3 features all the aesthetic and technical features of the previous white gold and rose gold versions. Much like its predecessors, minute details in its calibre, casing, and more all bear homage to the marine chronometer that its namesake is known for.

Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3 portholes on side of casing

The distinctive octagonal shape of the piece is inspired by an overhead view of a marine chronometer in its case. Four ‘portholes’ cut out along the sides of the casing reveal the hypnotising beauty of the fusee-and-chain mechanism in action. These appropriately named holes also allow light to flood through the movement. As a result, the entire movement feels open, and natural as you watch it.

Similarly, the calibre features 15 bridges and three half-bridges in nickel silver, framed by polished titanium pillars. This construction is typical of 18th century marine chronometers, and is in turn highlighted by the portholes on the side of the case.

Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3 power reserve system

In marine chronometers, power reserve indicators were a security system. However, here, you can get the same security in a size that fits on your wrist. The highly sophisticated, original mechanism even has a patent pending!

Intimate, Handcrafted Luxury On Every Level

Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3 back view

The platinum casing of the Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3 is just the beginning of the luxury. The hours and minutes hands are of white gold, and perfectly complement the sleek silvery colour of the platinum casing. Two 18-carat gold intertia-blocks ensure the uniformity of the weights in the tourbillon.

Watchmaker working on Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud 1.3

In an age of mass production the Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud brings things back to intimate, hand-crafted perfection. Each component finishing is done entirely by hand using traditional tools, and performed under a 6x loupe. Under this intense scrutiny, no error, imperfection, or insufficiency is tolerated.

For full specifications and inquiries, visit the Chronométre Ferdinand Berthoud website.