Building Strength and Technique with RingConn Smart Ring

Keeping track of your daily activities and health has never been easier. With the introduction of smart rings in the collection of everyday smart devices. Smart rings offer an out-of-sight, out-of-mind convenience for health tracking, unlike its counterparts like the smartwatch. This week, I had the chance to bring along the RingConn Smart Ring to my climbing adventures.

Off the bat, the RingConn Smart Ring is compact and lightweight (around 3-5 grams) making it easily forgettable once put on and doesn’t obstruct any movement while on the go. My main issue with smartwatches is that they aren’t the nicest to put together in an outfit and sometimes can be rather intrusive when working out.

If you have the same qualms as I do, maybe you should give a smart ring a go. With over 3 colours, Black, Silver and Gold, it acts as a great accessory to bring out as well as a mindless way to track your daily health.

Now let’s go down the list of key features that I experienced on a daily and at the climbing gym:

24/7 Seamless Health Monitoring
The RingConn Smart Ring lived up to its reputation for continuous health monitoring. Despite the high-intensity activity of bouldering, the ring maintained its tracking capabilities without interruptions. The ultra-low power consumption allowed it to last through multiple climbing, gyms and walking sessions over several days without needing a recharge.

Despite wearing it for 5 days straight, there was no need for a recharge and the app indicated what per cent battery the RingConn was at. Plus, the RingConn is the only smart ring in the market that has a convenient rechargeable case that you can bring anywhere in case the battery is running low.

Durability and Water Resistance
One of the standout features during the test was the ring’s IP68 water resistance. This was particularly useful for the intense sweating that accompanies exercise, be it bouldering, running or at the gym.

The titanium build proved its worth as the ring remained intact and undamaged despite frequent contact with rough climbing holds. With its lightweight, the ring was comfortable and did not hinder grip or movement, essential factors for a sport that requires precision and agility.

Biometrics Tracking with Medical-Grade Accuracy
The RingConn Smart Ring’s advanced sensors tracked heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and other vital metrics with impressive accuracy. During bouldering, it measured heart rate every 2.5 minutes and blood oxygen saturation every 5 minutes, providing real-time data on physical exertion and recovery. There was also a detailed analysis of sleep patterns that helped me understand and improve their sleep quality. As someone who goes to work early at 7 am, it was a clear indication for me to sleep earlier to clock the 8 hours of sleep every night.

For the ladies, by using your body temperature and collected menstrual information, RingConn can also predict your period dates and provide reminders. You can log data such as period time, bleeding amount, and pain intensity to improve the accuracy of menstrual predictions to better prepare for any sudden changes.

Activity and Stress Tracking
The ring effectively recorded steps, calories burned, and activity intensity. The activity score was particularly insightful, reflecting the intense bursts of effort characteristic of bouldering. Stress levels were monitored throughout the sessions, offering valuable feedback on how the body was handling the physical and mental demands of climbing.

Data-Driven Wellness Maintenance
The RingConn App transformed the raw data from exercise into easily digestible insights. The interactive infographics highlighted key health indicators, and the app’s personalised advice helped optimise recovery and performance.

Health Reports and Insights
After a week of use, the Weekly Review feature provided a comprehensive overview of activity trends and wellness balance. The health timeline accurately reflected the intensity and frequency of bouldering sessions, and the app’s actionable advice on recovery and stress management was practical and effective. Following the app’s recommendations led to noticeable improvements in overall wellness scores.

Lastly, one of my favourite features of the app is getting Badges when hitting a milestone. It makes the experience of tracking your health interactive and fun with a little shot of dopamine every time you get a badge. Check out the badges I have collected so far.

Overall, the RingConn Smart Ring proved to be a durable, comfortable, and highly accurate health monitoring device. Its ability to withstand the physical demands of climbing without compromising on tracking capabilities makes it a valuable tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The water resistance, lightweight design, and long battery life ensure that it remains a reliable companion during rigorous activities.

With its comprehensive biometrics tracking and insightful wellness advice, the RingConn Smart Ring is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their health and performance in demanding sports.

It is currently retailing at $419 with no additional hidden subscription charges and to purchase the product click here.