COROS Unveils VERTIX 2S: The Ultimate Adventure Companion

COROS, the renowned maker of GPS sports wearables and training software, has announced the release of the COROS VERTIX 2S, the latest addition to its esteemed VERTIX series. Designed for performance and adventure athletes, the VERTIX 2S is built to conquer rugged terrain, endure extreme conditions, and support multi-day adventures.

Next-Level Performance and Durability
Building on the success of the flagship VERTIX 2, the COROS VERTIX 2S offers significant hardware and software upgrades. The watch features an incredibly long battery life, boasting 118 hours of continuous GPS use and up to 48 days of daily use. This impressive longevity ensures that athletes can rely on their VERTIX 2S even during the most extended adventures.

The VERTIX 2S also introduces COROS’ most accurate wrist-based heart rate sensor to date. With a 5-LED and 4-photodetector optical heart rate sensor, athletes can trust the accuracy of their heart rate data during intense exercise and daily wear. The watch also includes advanced software that enhances GPS accuracy, especially for outdoor climbing, making it a reliable companion for climbers tackling steep walls and challenging routes.

Durability Meets Elegance
The COROS VERTIX 2S is not just built for performance; it also celebrates the spirit of adventure with its stunning new designs. Available in three editions – Earth (blue), Moon (grey), and Space (titanium black) – each style features a unique watch face that reflects its name.

For the first time in the VERTIX series, each watch comes with two bands: a rugged silicone strap and a lightweight nylon band, both in matching colours.
Capable of withstanding 10 atmospheres of pressure or operating in the vacuum of space, the VERTIX 2S embodies durability and elegance, making it suitable for the most challenging environments.

Unmatched Climbing GPS Accuracy, Comprehensive Health and Training Insights
GPS accuracy is crucial for climbers, and the VERTIX 2S takes a significant step forward in this area. COROS has optimized its GPS algorithm specifically for Outdoor Climb mode, providing dual-frequency tracking that excels in environments where other GPS watches struggle. This innovation ensures that climbers have reliable and precise data, no matter how challenging the terrain.

Beyond its hardware capabilities, the VERTIX 2S offers a suite of features to help athletes monitor and improve their performance. The COROS app provides insights into training progress, allows users to build workouts and training plans, and creates routes. Standard health tracking metrics, including recovery, sleep tracking, heart rate variability, steps, and calories, are all included.

Cyclists can also benefit from COROS’ Cycling Fitness insights, which offer actionable data to improve performance and optimize training, displaying fitness levels on a scale of 40-100.

The COROS VERTIX 2S is available for SGD 1,045.00. Find out more at