The Theragun Mini may be Small, But It Packs a Punch!

Clarissa with the Theragun Mini

As someone who does non-regular but vigorous exercise due to having a tight schedule, I end up each week with very sore muscles as they are not tuned to such vigorous exercise. I was pleasantly surprised when NXT gave me the opportunity to test out the new Theragun Mini, as a massage gun was just what I needed. I did a short video explaining how I would use the Theragun mini and show you guys how ‘mini’ it actually is. Do check it out below!

Treatment Anytime, Anywhere

Clarissa with the Theragun Mini

The main perk of the Theragun mini is that it is small and portable. As it is light, I carry it along with me daily to and from work or school easily in its soft case. The Mini adapted Theragun’s new proprietary brushless motor to their most compact design ever. Mini strikes a never-before-seen balance between power and size, making it a convenient option for getting Theragun quality relief on the go.

Due to long hours working on the computer, I suffer from bouts of lower back pain which really reduces the quality of my work. Using the Mini, though it is small, it is strong enough to relieve all the tension built up on my back. It is also great for after gym sessions where my muscles get sore. It is an indescribable pleasure to be able to relieve muscle pain. I love to slip my Mini into a jacket pocket or stow it in my bag for easy access for a quick calf or shoulder sweep.

QuietForce Technology

Suddenly whipping out a massage gun in the middle of a study room or the school canteen is not common practice. However, thanks to the Mini’s QuietForce technology, I don’t have to be embarrassed about the loud sounds that usual massage guns produce and enjoy my massage in peace.

Extended Battery Life and Ergonomic Grip

Clarissa with the Theragun Mini

The mini features a 150-minute battery life, which is good for usage of up to two or three days, depending on use. I just have to charge it the night before school and the next day it would be ready to go!

The Theragun Mini feels smooth and easy to hold. It does not strain my hands or wrists even when I hold it for prolonged durations. It also has 3 calibrated speeds for different intensities. The Mini also comes with a standard ball attachment, where it specifically targets large and small muscle groups. The impact level of this standard ball attachment is 3/5, as stated on their website.

Theragun App

Clarissa with the Theragun Mini

I find this application very useful as I am a beginner at using massage guns. The app gave me step-by-step guidance, and tells me the problem areas I should target to feel the most relief. They even categorized these into specific categories. Examples include glutes, abs, lower back, and calves. With sufficient use of the app, users can also start to personalise their routines. The app will suggest routines suitable for you to help reduce discomfort, stress, and tension.

Overall, the experience that the Theragun Mini provided was one of the best, if not the best experience I had with a massage gun. Given its very intuitive controls and high-quality massages, it is no surprise that the brand is well-known in the market. The Mini retails at SGD$319, in black at (new stocks available in end-January 2021)