CASIO EDIFICE Unveils the Nighttime Drive Series: A Tribute to the Enchantment of Nocturnal Journeys

CASIO EDIFICE has once again elevated the art of timekeeping with its latest offering, the Nighttime Drive series from the EDIFICE collection. This innovative series is inspired by the tranquil allure of nighttime driving, capturing the essence of journeys taken under the moonlit sky through its captivating design and functionality.


Designed for adventurers who find solace in the serene ambience of the night, the Nighttime Drive series stands out with its unique two-colour gradient watches, each embodying the spirit of nocturnal exploration.

A Palette of Night Skies and City Lights
The Nighttime Drive series features two distinct designs that resonate with the experience of driving through the night. One model showcases a blend of blue and yellow, mirroring the comforting glow of headlights and street lamps, while the other combines blue and silver, evoking the feeling of navigating city streets under a moonlit sky.

These unique colour palettes offer wearers not just a timepiece, but a timeless accessory that captures the serene charm of the night, complemented by CASIO’s renowned timekeeping reliability.

Engineered for Nighttime Adventures
Understanding the challenges of low-light conditions, CASIO has equipped the Nighttime Drive series with features that enhance the night driving experience. Each watch in the series includes a double LED light system, ensuring the watch face and digital display are brightly illuminated for easy reading in any lighting condition.

This feature is especially useful for adventurers embarking on journeys after dark, providing convenience and visibility at a glance.

The series also introduces a hand shift feature, allowing users to temporarily adjust the watch hands’ position for a seamless transition between analogue and digital modes. This ensures optimal readability, catering to the wearer’s needs with a simple touch of a button to return the hands to their original positions.

Durability Meets Functionality
With a focus on durability, each timepiece is equipped with a robust mineral glass watch face, offering resilience against scratches and impacts.

This high-quality material protects the watch face, ensuring the timepiece remains in pristine condition during all adventures.

Catering to Diverse Preferences
The Nighttime Drive series offers three variations – ECB-2000NP, ECB-40NP, and EQS-940NL, each equipped with features tailored to different needs and preferences.

The ECB-2000NP and EQS-940NL models boast a solar-powered mechanism, utilizing energy from both natural and artificial light sources, while the ECB-2000NP model includes a tough solar feature for enhanced power efficiency.

Additionally, the ECB-2000NP and ECP-40NP models feature built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for seamless management through a smartphone app, providing functions such as automatic time zone updates and a phone finder locator.

Availability and Pricing
The CASIO EDIFICE Nighttime Drive series is priced at $379 for the ECB-2000NP-1A, $289 for the ECB-40NP-1A, and $349 for the EQS-940NL-1AV.

These innovative timepieces are available at selected G-SHOCK stores and online, offering a perfect blend of style, functionality, and the spirit of nocturnal exploration. With the Nighttime Drive series, CASIO invites wearers to embrace the peaceful and enchanting journey of nighttime driving, making every adventure after dark a memorable one.

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