NXT April 2024 Issue Is Out Now! Get Your copy Today!

The April 2024 Edition of NXT is here and it’s packed with exciting content about the diverse world of electric vehicles. In the constantly changing realm of transportation, electric vehicles (EVs) have become a prominent influence, transforming our perspectives on sustainability, effectiveness, and the trajectory of mobility in the days to come.

To navigate this electrifying expedition successfully, it becomes essential to comprehend the varied landscape of electric vehicles, each boasting distinctive attributes and roles. Come along as we explore the four primary categories of electric cars and uncover the complexities of their system structures.

Under the Gear section, we have featured the Lenovo ThinkBook Transparent Display Laptop Concept, Xiaomi 14 Series, MacBook Air M3 Chip, Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 4 and Honor Magic6 Pro.

Our NXT Angel Clarissa has tested out the new Honor Magic V2, the world’s lightest and thinnest inwards-holding smartphone.

Over in Test, from page 80, we got to try the Dell Latitude 7440, a powerful productivity laptop, its lightweight design and compact size make it easy to work on the go. We also got our hands on the Sony HT-AX7, a stylish, portable speaker for the home or on the go. Plus, other product reviews as well.

Lastly, NXT Big Thing, we look at how electric vehicles can deliver rapid change and innovation in the next decade.

NXT is available at all major newsstands and the digital version is available to download at magzter.com.