CASIO to Release Lightweight G-SHOCK Delivering Support for Multiple Sports

Casio has introduced a new addition to its sports-driven G-SQUAD line in the G-SHOCK family of shock-resistant watches, called GBD-H2000. The new watch is 38% lighter than its predecessor, the GBD-H1000, and supports multiple sports with GPS functionality and six sensors.

The GBD-H2000 is equipped with features like heart rate measurement, compass, altitude/air pressure sensor, thermo sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope to support activities from running and biking to swimming.

Polar Electro Oy’s algorithms are used to provide training analysis functions, such as measuring the burden on the heart and lungs, analyzing energy used for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, and performing sleep tracking. Pairing the watch with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES app allows users to review training data from the watch in greater detail, access activity logs, advice on improving sleep and more. Solar-assisted charging is also included to improve ease of use, offering a time display powered by solar charging even when the battery runs low.

The watch’s case, bezel, and the band are made with eco-friendly biomass plastics produced using raw materials from castor seeds and corn.

Additionally, the watch offers solar-assisted charging and pairs with the dedicated CASIO WATCHES app to review training data and receive advice on sleep and other metrics.

Support for eight different activities is included: running, biking, open water swimming, pool swimming, walking, trail running, gym workouts, and interval training. The watch is equipped with GPS functionality and an optical sensor capable of measuring heart rate, as well as a compass, altitude/air pressure sensor, thermo sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

The GBD-H2000-1A, GBD-H2000-1A9, GBD-H2000-1B and GBD-H2000-2 watches are priced at $599 and will be available for purchase on and at all G-SHOCK stores from 10 March 2023.