Listen to the Beyerdynamic T 51 i with Regina Chew

The Beyerdynamic T 51 i is made for music lovers on the go, combining the best sound quality with maximum operability. This is why these on-ear headphones can be folded into small storage and are lightweight, thanks to their tough aluminium body.

Regina Chew“I’ve been freelance modelling for the past few years and I usually have a packed weekly schedule where I attend different types of events, from photo shoots for blog shops to appearances at motoring events, trade shows and golf events. I like music and actually used to sing in a band – I like singing and prefer a capella. I do like listening to all sorts of music like EDM.

For listening to music I guess I’d go for quality headphones, and I own about 5-6 headphones in general – three of which are Klipsch. I like good-looking designs and clear sound that isn’t boomy, and these Beyerdynamic T 51 I headphones look pretty sporty to me – I like how light they are and think the design appeals to girls as much as guys. After trying them I reckon they are pretty comfortable to wear and also have passive noise reduction because they muffle outside noise quite well, while my music sounds very clear.”

– Regina Chew

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Beyerdynamic T 51 i