SEVENFRIDAY unveil the new the new FREE-D B series in 2024

SEVENFRIDAY always exploring uncharted territories and now unveil the new FREE-DB series. An ever-curious and innovative mindset led SEVENFRIDAY to abandon what they understood under watchmaking and embrace the future!

The first FREE-D burst into the market like a meteor, and its unique design, paired with the characteristics of the material, made it a crowd favourite. Now, the time has come for the FREE-DB.

The FREE_D series’s appeal starts with the material’s sustainability and innovative nature. The PA11 used to print the timepieces was consciously chosen due to its unique properties. This material may be new in the world of watches, but it has been tested, proven, and used for a while in the medical, aerospace, and racing sectors. It is organic, light, durable, and yet very flexible. For these reasons, it is equally suitable for producing medical instruments and constructing an intricate watch. In addition, it is sustainable, a characteristic SEVENFRIDAY values in their search for new construction possibilities.

The versatility of the material and its endless possibilities were big advantages in the design of the FREE-DB. The material provided the perfect blank canvas for innovative design and ideas others would consider crazy. The design is a futuristic approach to an amalgamation of vegetal and animal. Reminiscent of an insect, the ‘shell’ of the FREE-DB , produced in one part and snapped into place, protects the dial and movement.

Not only is the design inspired by shapes we see in nature, but its look reflects the organic nature of the material. It is evident that the medium plays a significant role in the product design; the inspiration behind the FREE-DB is the process of printing and the properties of the PA11 & PA12. Using this unconventional method, SEVENFRIDAY created a design that could never be executed with traditional materials. The FREE-DB is a fascinating leap into the future but instantly recognizable as a product of the SEVENFRIDAY universe.

The brand has always loved working with colour. The FREE-DB is available in white, turquoise, and pink. As is the case for previous series and collections, the colours were chosen partly due to their symbolism and the feelings they evoke. White is purity and innocence, turquoise is success and good fortune, and pink is love and compassion.

The SEVENFRIDAY FREE-DB is Innovation, design and sustainability!

The release will be limited to 30 pieces per colour, and the watches will be made available in the SEVENFRIDAY app and at exclusive selected retail locations.