Lenovo Revolutionizes Personal Computing in Asia Pacific with Groundbreaking AI Innovations

Lenovo is paving the way in the Asia Pacific region with its unveiling of the latest generation of AI-powered consumer PCs, spotlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and enhanced user experience. With the integration of Intel® Core™ Ultra processors in select models and the introduction of Copilot in Windows 11, Lenovo is setting new benchmarks for productivity and performance across its diverse range of laptops, including the Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo Legion, and Lenovo LOQ series.

The new premium Yoga lineup is a game-changer, engineered to meet the diverse needs of Gen Z creators. These laptops not only handle graphics-intensive tasks with ease thanks to the Intel Core Ultra processors but also feature colour-calibrated PureSight Pro and PureSight OLED displays, providing creators with the vibrant and accurate visuals essential for their work. With features like the Copilot key for instant access to an AI-powered intelligent assistant and Lenovo AI Engine+ for optimized performance, Lenovo is enhancing the personalized computing experience to new heights.

The new Lenovo Yoga portfolio includes:

● Lenovo Yoga Book 9i (13″, Gen 9) for dual-screen productivity, ideal for always on-the-go programmers and multi-taskers.
● Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i (16”, Gen 9), designed for demanding tasks such as 3D rendering and animations and Lenovo Yoga Pro 7i (14”, Gen 9) for seamless video editing and studio recording sessions.

● Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i (14”, Gen 9), ideal for professional-grade photo editing and smooth coding sessions.

● Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 (14”, Gen 9) and Lenovo Yoga 7i 2-in-1 (14” and 16”, Gen 9) for high-quality illustrations.

Lenovo Yoga Sleeve
Lenovo Yoga Pro Bluetooth Mouse
Lenovo Yoga 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse
Lenovo Yoga True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

● Lenovo Yoga ecosystem – Lenovo Yoga Pro Bluetooth Mouse, Lenovo Yoga 600 Bluetooth Silent Mouse, Lenovo Yoga True Wireless Stereo Earbuds, and Lenovo Yoga Sleeve.

For gamers, Lenovo introduces the latest generation of its Legion and LOQ gaming laptops, featuring the innovative Legion “Coldfront: Hyper” thermal solution and AI-assisted performance boosts.

The Legion Pro 5i (16”, 9)

These advancements promise cooler hardware, quieter operation, and more efficient power usage, ensuring an unparalleled gaming experience.

The new PC portfolio includes:

● Lenovo Legion 7i (16”, Gen 9), Lenovo Legion 5i (16”, Gen 9), and Lenovo Legion Slim 5 (16”, Gen 9): For gamers needing a laptop for games and STEM apps.
● Lenovo Legion 9i (16″, Gen 9): Groundbreaking design for high-level gaming and content creation.

● Lenovo Legion Tower 7i and Lenovo Legion Tower 5i: Providing top-tier gaming tower PC horsepower.

Also new this year:

● Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9, Lenovo LOQ 15IAX9I and Lenovo LOQ 15IAX9 for gamers starting their ascent up the leaderboards.

Lenovo’s launch event in Singapore not only showcases its latest products but also its vision of delivering Smarter Technology for All.

By leading with AI-driven innovations, Lenovo is not just redefining personal computing; it’s also shaping the future of the digital landscape in the Asia Pacific, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards a future where AI for All is a reality.

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