Purnell Unveils Timeless Tribute for the 67th Ballon d’Or Awards

In its third consecutive year as the official partner for the prestigious Ballon d’Or awards, Purnell, a distinguished Swiss luxury watchmaker, eagerly presents a magnificent timepiece.

This partnership resonates deeply with both entities, emphasizing core values like Performance, Talent, Fairplay, and Perpetuity. They come together for the eagerly awaited 67th Ballon d’Or ceremony on October 30th at the Thêatre du Chatelet, Paris – an event not to be missed.


Purnell unveils a stunning black titanium watch, radiating luxury and finesse. Expertly designed, it boasts an impressive 800 shimmering white diamonds, embodying the height of elegance—a fitting tribute to the outstanding Ballon d’Or recipients.

The exclusive 2023 Ballon d’Or range illustrates Purnell’s unwavering dedication to masterful craftsmanship and horological precision. This line underscores the brand’s quest for excellence and its sustained alliance with the Ballon d’Or, which celebrates the zenith of individual soccer feats.

Image Credit (Maurizio Mazzocchi and Lionel Messi) (Ballon d’Or Twitter Images)

Maurizio Mazzocchi, Purnell’s CEO, shared, “Every Ballon d’Or event transports me back to my youthful days. Associating Purnell with a ceremony that began in 1956 is like realizing a dream. I’ve always been passionate about soccer, a sport that paved my way from Neuchatel to Rutgers University through a soccer scholarship. The admirable values this sports champions and the enthusiasm it kindles are genuinely inspiring. I’m privileged to craft a watch that, in my view, rivals the allure of this distinguished award.”