Omnidesk adds Ascent standing desk with new interactive features

Omnidesk Singapore today has just launch of their latest in standing desk technology – the Omnidesk Ascent, which features a slew of new and improved functions to make standing at your work-from-home desk more interactive.

“With the launch of the Omnidesk Ascent, we hope to inspire the evolution of what our brand stands for,” said Mr. Benjamin Huang, Managing Director, Omnidesk. “The Omnidesk Ascent reimagines functionality and the way consumers will interact with their standing desk, and with the culmination of a plethora of features after three years of intense research and development, this next step in our journey sets the standard within the industry.”

The Omnidesk Ascent marks the introduction of the Singapore brand’s first companion app, Omnidesk Life, that enables users to control their standing desk from the comfort of their own smart device. This integrated app adds an additional layer of functionality and convenience for consumers, allowing them to sync their app to their desk, which allows them to:

  • Adjust the height of the desk remotely
  • Track the time you spend sitting or standing at the desk
  • Customise the LED aesthetics of the control system
  • Save up to nine memory profiles for easy pre-programmed switching
  • Timed reminders to stand/sit
  • Fine-tune the functions of the desk


As a long-time request from ardent fans of Omnidesk, this new feature was built from the ground up to cater to the launch of the Omnidesk Ascent, and can be used anywhere that your desk is located, be it at home or at the office.

The second major feature of the Omnidesk Ascent is a brand-new proprietary controller, which has been completely reimagined to provide pleasing aesthetics without losing higher added functionality. Featuring six different colour options, from a rolling RGB colours to single colour variants (Sunset, Periwinkle, Ocean, Aqua, Pink, White), the Ascent’s controller also has enlarged buttons for ease of use and improved tactility.

The controller also features a 5V charging port and high-res OLED screen with a unique
silhouette, providing consumers with a beautiful and extremely functionable control system to ensure that all their standing desk requirements are met.

With a major revamp in the Omnidesk Ascent’s construction, assembling and putting the desk together has never been easier. With lesser parts to assemble and a more streamlined
assembly process, the time taken to put the Omnidesk Ascent together has been reduced to just five minutes, making it incredibly quick and easy to set it up, letting your experience your new workspace much quicker. For the less technically inclined, Omnidesk still offers an improved white glove on-site assembly for each Omnidesk Ascent purchase.

For improved overall structural integrity of the Ascent desk, Omnidesk specifically redesigned the leg structure in a column like design (think Roman architectural columns), that are put together using forged steel construction for a heavier duty support base that is much more resistant to buckling. The rounded surface area also provides more stability by evening itself out along the base, which also gives it a sleeker and more modern look and feel, resulting in a simplistic design that is stronger than any of its predecessors.

The Omnidesk Ascent also boasts the fastest elevation speed in the market – lifting up to
130kgs at 60mm/s. Allowing for a quicker transition between standing and sitting for the
consumer. By enhancing the speed of the desk, consumers will be more inclined to use the
functionality of the standing desk with minimal interruption in terms of how long it takes for the desk to ascend or descend.

Does having cables and wires dangling across the desk irk you or leave you dissatisfied with the overall aesthetic of your workstation? Fret not, as the Omnidesk Ascent also comes with a Magnetic Cable Tray, which is adjustable, allowing consumers to easily access the tray without having to deal with poor cable management, and increased flexibility in the choices of cable management.

Considering the absolute powerhouse of a standing desk the Omnidesk Ascent is, the desk
also comes with a ten-year warranty (terms and conditions apply), which is indicative of the level of trust Omnidesk has in the quality of their offerings.

As always, no Omnidesk product is complete without immersing into the complete Omnidesk Ecosystem. The Omnidesk Ascent comes perfectly compatible with all existing Omnidesk accessories and offerings – from castors to mounted organisers, this ecosystem of add-ons and products were created for the sole purpose of providing consumers with enhanced and additional options to create their ideal workstation.

With the launch of the Omnidesk Ascent, Omnidesk is also excited to introduce The Omnidesk Zen, a cable management bar that includes a slew of cable management accessories as well.

The Omnidesk Zen is incredibly easy to use, given its width and ease of access, with all the
additional accessories needed to create a perfect workstation that’s both functional and
aesthetically pleasing.

Pricing and Information
Consumers will be able to begin pre-ordering the Omnidesk Ascent from today, 10th November 2021 and as part of an early-bird launch promotion, the Omnidesk Ascent will be retailing at $850* (U.P $1,298) for those that pre-order before the 6th of December 2021.

The price of the Omnidesk Ascent will retail at $950 after the 6th of December.

Consumers will be also excited to know that the Omnidesk Ascent Wildwood will also be
available for pre-order from today, and as part of an early-bird launch promotion, it will be
retailing at $1,149 (U.P $1,647) for those that pre-order before the 6th of December 2021. The

price of the Omnidesk Ascent Wildwood will retail at $1,249 after the 6th of December.

All desks will be available in 48”, 60”, and 72” respectively. For more information on the Omnidesk Ascent, please visit