Amplifying Audiophile Experience with Marantz M1 and M4

High-performance audio pioneer Marantz continues to push the boundaries with the introduction of two visually captivating amplifiers. Among the latest offerings is the all-new wireless streaming amplifier, dubbed the Model M1, alongside a dedicated rack-mountable amplifier known as the Model M4.

Crafted with precision by Shirakawa Audio Works in Japan, both the Model M1 and M4 exemplify Marantz’s commitment to unparalleled sound quality and design sophistication. The Model M1 boasts versatile connectivity options, allowing users to access audio from a myriad of streaming services or connect to physical music sources, including TVs, via an array of analogue and digital input sockets.

With Marantz’s signature Sound Master tuning, the Model M1 delivers powerful amplification, offering 100W of stereo output with an impressively low distortion rate of just 0.005 per cent THD through its digital inputs. Enthusiasts can further enhance their audio experience by adding a subwoofer for a 2.1-channel setup, with the Model M1 offering comprehensive configuration options for precise adjustment of high-pass and low-pass filter frequencies, along with subwoofer level trim.

The Model M1 supports high-resolution audio playback over streamed services, networks, or USB, including 24-bit/192kHz PCM support and provision for DSD. Users can effortlessly access their favourite music services through the HEOS app, which offers compatibility with an extensive range of streaming platforms, including upcoming updates for TIDAL and Roon Ready support. Additionally, the Model M1 seamlessly integrates with Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and AirPlay 2 for convenient wireless audio streaming.

Equipped with an eARC HDMI input, the Model M1 facilitates simplified control over system volume levels and power management using the TV’s remote control. Dolby Digital+ decoding ensures high-quality audio reproduction, catering to the diverse audio codecs commonly used by broadcast and streamed TV services. Innovative features such as Dialogue Enhancer enhance voice clarity at low volume levels, while Virtual mode utilizes Dolby processing to create a spacious, three-dimensional soundstage from stereo content, ideal for environments where a full-sized surround sound system may not be feasible.

In addition to the Model M1, Marantz introduces the Model M4, a dedicated rack-mountable amplifier designed to provide audio enthusiasts with unparalleled flexibility and performance. Building upon the HEOS architecture and feature set of the Model M1, the Model M4 enables independent music listening in up to four rooms within the home, supported by a robust amplifier delivering 8 x 100W of output and 4 x independent HEOS modules.

With fan cooling ensuring stable operation even in enclosed spaces, and included rack-mount ears for effortless installation, the Model M4 is equipped with optical digital inputs and a Dolby Digital decoder, allowing users to enjoy TV sound throughout their home. Marantz continues to redefine the audio landscape with its innovative amplifiers, combining cutting-edge technology with timeless design aesthetics to elevate the audiophile experience to new heights.

The Model M1/N1B is priced at €1000 and will be available in June 2024, featuring a sleek black finish. The Model M4/EX1B is priced at €3500, set to be available in July 2024, featuring an elegant black finish.