Tuning In With the Sennheiser HD250 BT

My ears are alive with the sound of music. Over Valentine’s Day, I was gifted the Sennheiser HD250 BT and boy was I excited to give them a go. Bringing it with me when commuting, working out or even just during rest periods, I am here to give you a full review. Before that, check out a video of me unboxing the HD250 BT!

“No-frills, just quality” would be my description of the HD250 BT. It is equipped with state of the art Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and aptX Low Latency, which allows users to enjoy superior music. To share with you more, I was listening to Doja Cat, Kehlani and Tanerelle. One track I would recommend if you like chill music would be ‘Won’t’ by Tanerelle.

By using the Sennheiser Smart Control app’s intuitive equaliser, I could easily customise the sound experience to fit my taste. You can make your own presets or use the configured presets. I was using their presets for the most part and only toggled with it when I was playing around with the app.

On top of that, the design is sturdy and durable, optimal for workouts or outdoor activities. When I was doing weights at home, instead of blasting music in my room, I simply put on the HD250 BT. Understandably, no one likes to be uncomfortable when working out. However, the HD250 BT had a snug fit with soft ear pads to ensure users are comfortable whenever it’s used.

Last but not least, this headphone can last 25 hours with one charge. Isn’t that crazy? This made things convenient as I could just bring the headphones around for days without charge and not worry about it giving up on me midway.

Planning to get a change of ambience and music? The Sennheiser HD250 BT is available exclusively at selected Harvey Norman and Challenger retail stores and online stores for S$139.