Precious Moments Last for a Century With Canon

I’ve always been one who’s sentimental when it comes to scrolling through my old photos. Nothing beats a good ol’ photo hung up (with fairy lights for Instagram-worthiness and ambience) for a personal touch in my room. Over the past few weeks, I carried the new Canon M50 Mark II around while I hung out with my family and friends. This time, my camera is accompanied by a portable printer, the Canon SELPHY Square QX10 in pink!

If you are new to portable printers, here is how they work: the printer is a dye-sub printer with a cartridge that has cyan, magenta and yellow dyes. When the film rolls into the printer, the machine heats up to transfer the dye to the film in vapour form, which then cools to form the picture. Each print takes a little more than 40 seconds and you do not have to let it sit afterwards.

The SELPHY Square QX10 does not take up much space in my bag, and I can carry it along to print photos on the spot with the companion app and distribute a print to each of my friends. Not only is it convenient, but the details are also preserved and the colours do not bleed or blend. What a nice touch to remember an occasion, like my 21st birthday picnic with my family here:

Besides my birthday, Valentine’s Day and my father’s 58th birthday just passed. This year, I decided to surprise my dad with a handmade exploding box with little notes slipped in pockets and doors within the boxes for his birthday. I trimmed the borders of the prints from the SELPHY and pasted them around the box as a sticker. If you haven’t tried making one of these boxes, they are perfect for Valentine’s or birthdays, so print a few shots and start making one with a YouTube tutorial!

Here’s why I mean it when I say precious moments can last a century! The prints have a specialised coating that protects against splashes, spills, and fading for up to 100 years when stored in an album. If I can keep an album to be handed down in the future, then that is amazing.

To take your shots to the next level, I recommend the Canon M50 Mark II. I am largely a mirrorless camera person because of its portability and ease of use for great pictures and videos. It is so easy to use even for a stranger taking a photo for my family at lunch, and suitable enough for professional-looking photos for my social media campaigns.

This new model comes with improved Dual Pixel autofocus that has eye-tracking for both stills and video, and plenty of other features for live streaming. Isn’t it all the craze now since 2020? You can capture vertical video and stream it on YouTube Live when synced with a smartphone wirelessly or when linked with a clean HDMI output. You will also appreciate the vari-angle touchscreen LCD which lets you check your framing and hair before you go live.

I treasure every single moment with my loved ones and taking quality shots and holding them in my hands as cute little square prints add an extra sentimental value, especially if they can last a century!