Fujitsu UH-X Takes The Weight Off My Shoulder

It’s difficult to imagine how light 778g is for a laptop until you personally hold it in your hands. I believe you would have the same reaction as I did upon unboxing the Fujitsu UH-X. It is unbelievable how laptops are getting more powerful, yet lighter and lighter, till the resulting product is a 778g Fujitsu laptop that feels like you’re holding two stacks of foolscap pads. Here is my unboxing video where I share my first genuine reactions without having first researched about the laptop:

The last time I used a Fujitsu was a tablet of theirs back in school for smart learning. Even though it has been years ago, I clearly remember that the tablet itself was not as light as the current clamshell laptop. 

Vanessa with the Fujitsu UH-X Laptop

Fast forward, 8 years later, my workload has changed tremendously – From studying 6 subjects in school, to working on school plus my winter wear business, Yet, my criteria for a good laptop has not changed. I still need something easy and effortless to carry around, whether it is between classes in secondary school or between errands and meetings for work now that phase 2 is here.

Vanessa with the Fujitsu UH-X Laptop

The Fujitsu LIFEBOOK U Series is engineered for people like me who are constantly on the go. We are starting to stream back to the offices and cafes after working from home for months, so it came at a perfect timing. I am so glad to be visiting my favourite cafes with the best coffee again – the ambience always puts me in the mood to work. Zoom still cannot beat a productive meeting with my co-founders in a cafe or office.

Vanessa with the Fujitsu UH-X Laptop

With a screen size of 13.3”, it is good enough for day to day tasks and entertainment (Hey! It’s not all about work, work, work).  This screen size may not be for people who enjoy large screens that reach the periphery of their vision, but if portability is your key criteria then the compromise is definitely worth it. 

Do look out for my next article where I will be sharing about preparing for my next semester and going back to school (after 9 months!) with the Fujitsu UH-X.

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