Mavis: Being Able to Squeeze Your Phone is a Nice Touch

HTC’s U11 has several cool features, including a 3D microphone setup, but the headline act has got to be the ability to squeeze the sides of the phone as input. Our grip is one thing that’s pretty much constant in the manner it contacts the phone, so why not turn it into a feature? And it’s something that Mavis has found to be rather useful.

NXT Angel Mavis Koh“I’m an iPhone user because I’m pretty used to the colour of the screen as well as the photos that the camera takes. I’ve used an Android phone before but it wasn’t something I enjoyed. Phones are important to me as I’d rather use a phone than a computer for most things. Maybe with the exception of work, a phone does most things that I would need from a computer, like web browsing, and it’s less bulky. I’d like the interface to be uncomplicated and easy to use. The HTC U11 seems to be fine so far, and the edge sense seems pretty useful, especially when used as a shutter button. Because I prefer bigger phones, sometimes it can be hard to press the shutter while taking selfies. Being able to squeeze it makes things so much easier. Also, the selfie camera automatically inverts the photo too, so that saves me time in fixing it!”

– Mavis (@maviskohh)