LG OLED Wave and Fountain Exhibitions Mesmerize Spectators at CES 2020

LG is continuing a celebrated CES tradition with the LG OLED Wave, the latest exhibition welcoming visitors into the company’s massive CES booth.

LG OLED Wave Exhibition at CES 2020

Making Waves at the Event

Constructed with an array of flexible OLED screens, the showstopping installation delivers a dramatic demonstration of LG OLED’s picture quality and ability to assume unique form factors. Visitors to LG’s CES 2020 booth can also marvel at The Fountain, a hero zone inside the booth that features a moving performance from the unique LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65RX) rollable displays. The awe-inspiring OLED installations are a testament to the company’s technology leadership and power to innovate and amaze.

LG OLED Wave Exhibition at CES 2020

The colossal and captivating LG OLED Wave is made up of 200 55-inch LG OLED digital signage screens (128 convex and concave and 72 flat) with a mirror finish. Measuring 6 meters (20 feet) high and 25 meters (82 feet) wide, the exhibit will immerse CES attendees in a breathtaking journey of discovery, displaying the glory of the natural world as it has never been seen before. From the raw power of the oceans to the birth of the Aurora Borealis in the northern sky, LG OLED Wave fills the senses with images and sound that surround, transporting the audience to some of the most memorable natural events and locations on Earth. They can even experience what it is like to walk beneath the ocean’s waves.

A Fountain of Style

The Fountain wows visitors with a synchronized performance from 20 of LG’s groundbreaking rollable OLED TVs. The razor-thin flexible displays show off their superior image quality while rolling up and down in an entertaining, choreographed sequence. The rollable LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R is the only TV in the world with a screen that can completely disappear from view, withdrawing into its stylish aluminum base when not in use. The futuristic TV redefines the spatial relationship with its surroundings and is a landmark achievement in the history of television.

LG OLED Wave Exhibition at CES 2020

Visitors to LG’s CES 2020 booth (#11100, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center) from January 7-10 can experience the magnificence of LG’s newest OLED installations firsthand. Follow all of LG’s activities and announcements at CES on social media using #LGCES2020.