Send Your Enemies To Their Doom With The Cerberus Fortus Gaming Mouse

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing FPS or any other kind of game. No matter what genre, when it comes to gaming, your mouse is one of the most important tools you’ll ever have. With the Asus Cerberus Fortus RGB gaming mouse, you can pop off those headshots in style and comfort. And it’s ambidextrous to boot! So lefty-gamers out there don’t have to feel excluded.

Performance And Durability Ensured

Cerberus Fortus bottom view

Cerberus Fortus has a magnesium alloy base, for unbeatable precision and control. A higher DPI delivers a faster response, but it can also result in drifting and loss of control. The conventional way to solve this problem is to add a weight box to the mouse. However, this solution can make the mouse feel unbalanced and its weight unevenly distributed.

Cerberus Fortus avoids this issue with a magnesium alloy base that evenly distributes weight, for smooth gliding and unbeatable accuracy. The metal base is also more durable, so you can game knowing that your mouse is built to last.

Cerberus Fortus side-grips

The base isn’t the only thing that’s durable about Cerberus Fortus. Specially textured plastic side-grips keep it firmly in your hand, and enhance its durability. They’re made from anti-stick plastic instead of rubberized material. This keeps them cleaner for longer, and prevents the mouse from becoming slippery after long periods of use. It’s also easier to clean!

The cable is also made to last. It has an attachment point that’s angled slightly upward to reduce cable friction with the table. This reduces the resistance, and gives you a drag-free gaming experience. The cable itself is wrapped in a soft-braided sheath, with a specialised weave that further reduces cable friction and snagging.

Precision Above All

Cerberus Fortus uses high-quality Omron mouse switches that provide super fast response times. It also has an extended durability of up to 50 million clicks. That’s right, million. Even click-heavy games like League of Legends or Dota 2 won’t be able to wear this mouse down quickly.

Cerberus Fortus roller view

It also comes with a DPI switch, for instant in-game sensitivity adjustments. There are four preset settings, ranging from 500-4000 DPI. Long-range sniping? Yep. Close-quarters shotgun spamming? Also yep.

Light Up The Battlefield

The Cerberus Fortus also comes with customisable multi-colour LED lights! Now you can bring your own personal style to the game, without even needing any extra software. You can save these, together with your custom DPI settings, on the mouse’s onboard memory.

The Cerberus Fortus retails at a SRP of SGD$79.