The Karcher FC 5 Cordless 2-in-1 Floor Cleaner will Save You 100 Hours a Year

Karcher has launched its latest home cleaning innovation, the Karcher FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner. With its superior cleaning performance, low-water consumption and self-cleaning function, this premium hard floor cleaner will save every user up to 100 hours a year. To reinforce the time-saving quality of the Karcher FC 5 Cordless, the brand also launched a Facebook campaign titled “#powerof100hours” to understand how time-starved Singaporeans will use the additional 100 hours saved from mundane household chores such as floor cleaning.

Woman using the Karcher FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner in the kitchen

What Can You Do with 100 Hours?

The Karcher campaign revealed what Singaporeans most desire to do but usually have no time for. These include spending time with family and friends, pursuing hobbies and interests as well as volunteering. When conceptualizing the campaign, the Karcher team considered the hectic Singaporean’s lifestyle and how the FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner can help alleviate time pressure.

Karcher’s newly launched FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner makes cleaning hard floors more flexible and easier than ever. It features a practical 2 in 1 function that picks up wet and dry dirt in just one step, without the hassle of a cable. What sets the hard floor cleaner apart are two rotating microfibre rollers that are continually supplied with fresh water and this support the wet wiping function. The microfibre rollers are able to self-clean, resulting in better cleaning results; of up to 20 per cent improvement as compared with traditional cleaning methods. In addition to being time-efficient, the FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner saves water consumption of up to 85 percent while providing significantly better cleaning performance. The low water consumption and suction features ensure floor dry in less than two minutes.

The rollers also have an automatic forward movement and easy navigation, which saves the users a lot of effort in cleaning. By combining wiping (mopping) and vacuuming in a single movement, users will save significant time in floor cleaning. A typical Singapore apartment of about 60 square-metres of hard floor can be cleaned in 20 minutes.

Based on Karcher’s survey, an average person can save 120 minutes to clean a 60 square-meter apartment three times a week, it is estimated that each person will be able to save more than 100 hours every year.

Karcher FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner 2-in-1 system

For the time-strapped urban dwellers, these 100 hours can be equivalent to:

  • 50 dinners with family. Plan to enjoy a meal with your kids or your elderly parents, every weekend;
  • 65 lessons to learn a new language. You can achieve up to Level 3 of a new language course;
  • 50 sessions of exercise and/or sports. Health goal achieved!
  • 50-60 naps, depending on how long you need. Rejuvenate your tired body on the weekend or steal extra hours of sleep on the weekdays.

Karcher’s #powerof100hours campaign wants to inspire Singaporeans to start thinking of possibilities and overcome their ‘sleep debt’ / ‘health debt’ and/or ‘parenting guilt’. With time-saving benefits, Karcher believes that the FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner will be an essential home equipment for the modern home-maker.

The FC 5 Cordless floor cleaner will be retailing at $798 (including prevailing GST) and will be available in all major retailers such as Harvey Norman, Courts, Best Denki and Gain City from 8 August 2019.