The Plantronics B2B Calisto 7200 Brings Big Audio Performance In A Small Package

If you need exceptional conferencing performance in a small group conference room, look no further! The Plantronics B2B Calisto 7200 comes with four directional microphones that provide 360˚ coverage and filter out noise. With USB and Bluetooth connectivity and touch-sensitive controls, the Calisto 7200 is ready to rock that conference with you.

Elevating Your Conference Meetings To A New Collaborative Level

Plantronics B2B Calisto 7200

The Calisto 7200 is designed for 4- to 6-person conference rooms, and makes sure that everyone on the call is heard with crystal clear clarity. Four directional microphones activate in the direction of any speaker’s voice, and 360˚ room coverage coupled with echo cancellation ensures disruption-free collaboration. Now you can assured of getting things done instead of fumbling to double check that your ideas are transmitted clearly.

In addition to its full coverage, the Calisto 7200 is also incredibly simple to use. This lets you spend less time troubleshooting, and more time collaborating. The speakerphone is ready right out of the box. It can seamlessly connect to your laptop via USB or with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Intuitive touch controls let you answer and end calls, mute, and control volume with ease. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth clearing function ensures that new users can easily connect.

Plantronics B2B Calisto 7200 connected to laptop

The small form factor of the Calisto 7200 also offers a premium conferencing experience. No more need to clear the entire table just for a conference call! And when you’re not actively using it, you can use the USB locking mechanism to keep it safe and secure in any meeting room.

The Calisto 7200 is also supported by Plantronics Manager Pro Software-as-a-service, which is sold separately. Add Plantronics Manager Pro for actionable insights you can leverage to improve business processes, employee performance, and compliance. You can learn more about Plantronics Manager Pro on the official Plantronics website.

Pricing And Availability

The Plantronics B2B Calisto 7200 is available from Ban Leong for an MSRP of $449.