Smart Air Solution Products With LG ThinQ

LG Electronics recently announced the creation of the ThinQ brand. As befitting the name, the LG ThinQ brand covers LG’s upcoming 2018 home appliances, consumer electronics, and artificial intelligence services. This includes smart air solutions like the new LG PuriCare air purifier and Dualcool ThinQ Stand Inverter air conditioner. With these, you’ll be all prepared for next year’s round of haze season!

DeepThinQ: Making Your Life Better, One AI Step At A Time

LG ThinQ app on phone

LG ThinQ products and services will all have the ability to employ deep learning and communicate with one another. They utilise a variety of AI technologies from various LG partners, as well as LG’s own AI technology, DeepThinQ.

LG first laid the foundation for its AI efforts at CES 2017 when it announced DeepThinQ, along with the initiative to include Wi-Fi in all of its premium appliances launched this year.

In June, LG opened the Artificial Intelligence Lab in Seoul, to tie together all its diverse AI research. This research delves into technologies that recognise, deduce, and learn from voice, video, and sensors. LG’s AI lab has since contributed to the development of the world’s first space-learning air conditioner, as well as intelligent refrigerators, washing machines, and robot vacuum cleaners.

Han Chang-hee, head of LG’s Global Marketing Center, commented that AI is the next frontier in technology. As LG is a recognised leader in home appliances and consumer electronics, one of their goals is to make AI more approachable and less intimidating for its consumers.

Breathe Easy With AI Powered Solutions

For a taste of what an LG ThinQ powered future might be like, take a look at the upcoming LG PuriCare air purifier and the Dualcool ThinQ Stand Inverter air conditioner.

LG PuriCare air purifier

The LG PuriCare air purifier uses a sensitive air monitoring sensor to automatically remove fine dust particles. Air monitoring occurs even when the PuriCare is off, only powering on when filtering is required. This saves you electricity, with no drop in the quality of the air in your home!

With its distinctive cylindrical design, PuriCare boasts the industry’s most advanced air filtration technology with LG’s 360° Total Care Filter System. And thanks to its powerful Clean Booster feature, LG PuriCare can blow clean air up to 7.5 metres away to cover even large rooms. And it does all this while also delivering gentler airflow at the base! So if you’ve got children or pets, you don’t need to worry about them getting bowled over.

Boosted Convenience With Voice Recognition

LG Dualcool ThinQ Stand Inverter air conditioner

Also debuting at CES is the LG Dualcool ThinQ Stand Inverter air conditioner. It’s equipped with voice technology that allows you to control your indoor temperature with a single phrase. You can do it from the entrance of your home, or from another room. Just say the magic word, and you can get your room cooled or heated to the perfect temperature!

It features a Dual Inverter Compressor to create high energy efficiency, and lower noise levels for a quiet, unobtrusive presence. In addition to that, it also has uses ThinQ technology and spatial recognition to direct more airflow to where there’s more people.

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The LG Dualcool ThinQ air conditioner also can identify the proximity of people near to it. It can then adjust the strength of its airflow accordingly. By analyzing the daily behavioural patterns of the residents, the air conditioner learns what parts of the house require cooling at specific times of the day. This helps it maintain optimal temperatures, at reduced energy costs.