Sennheiser Momentum Free Review: Premium Wireless Earbuds

My first impression when I unzipped the leather carry case for the Sennheiser Momentum Free was that the reflective metallic earbuds looked exquisite and the black and red combination looks very sporty. The slider on the cable allows you to adjust the slack of the earphone cable for a comfortable fit, and since I prefer having the cables behind my ears and under my hair, I shortened the cables till the earphone fell in neatly. The only thing I disliked about the design is the plastic case that stores the battery and other components look a tad cheap, and I wished it was wrapped in soft rubber like the cables.

The Momentum Free is quite simple to use, with just three buttons to handle and a small LED to indicate the connection and power. A long hold on the top button fast forwards one track while a short press increases the volume. Pairing via Bluetooth is also seamless, with my iPhone 8 detecting the device very quickly.

Sennheiser Momentum Free

The quality of music shines through at various volumes and the dynamics are fantastic. I listened to Top 40s songs with the Momentum Free and clarity is intact, while vocals were well brought out and the bass is clearly defined. This can’t be said for the top end which was a bit inconsistent, sounding decent for some songs, but slightly muffled for other songs. Clarity was also compromised when I made phone calls, but then again it could have been attributed to interference from the other party.

Using the Momentum Free to watch videos gave me a pleasant experience as there was no delay between the video and audio, and the audio sounds much better through the earphone than played out loud.

A lot of us prefer to use wireless earphone to listen to music while jogging or working out. Unfortunately, this earpiece isn’t sweat-proof and would drop out of your ears easily when you run. Sennheiser has yet to release wireless earphones dedicated to working out and we’ll be waiting till then.


Rating: 4/5

Amongst earphones in this price range, the Sennheiser Momentum Free is stellar if you plan to simply listen to music. I won’t take it along for your workout, but it is feather light and suitable for use throughout the day. Sound quality is wholesome and defined, and I highly recommend it if you don’t mind the six-hours battery life, which is a bit lower when compared to other Momentum headphones.