Introducing Diablo Immortal’s New Tempest Class!

Diablo Immortal’s highly anticipated eighth class, the Tempest, is set to make a stormy debut on May 23. As the launch date approaches, Blizzard has released a Dev Insights video to flood fans with details about the Tempest class, ensuring the community is ready to ride the waves and master the winds.

Sculpted by the Storm: The Tempest class introduces warrior-priests who have mastered the elements of wind and water. This dynamic and highly mobile class excels in versatility, combining quick melee attacks, ranged knife-tipped whips that channel wind and water, and powerful AOE attacks. The Tempest’s unique abilities offer players a thrilling blend of offensive and defensive strategies, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Zephyr Summons: One of the most exciting features of the Tempest is the passive skill that summons projected Zephyrs to fight alongside players. These elemental minions mirror the Tempest’s abilities and act on a cooldown, providing additional support and versatility. With the Zephyrs by their side, Tempests can execute more complex manoeuvres and maintain pressure on their enemies.

Class Intro Quest: The Tempest class comes with an engaging introductory quest. Players will journey north of the Dreadlands to the storm-battered empire of Pelghain. Here, they will take on the role of a Tempest warrior, tasked with rescuing an island shrouded in encroaching mists. This quest sets the stage for the Tempest’s stormy adventures and immerses players in the lore of this powerful new class.

In addition to the introduction of the Tempest class, Diablo Immortal is also rolling out significant updates to enhance gameplay. The Paragon System has been simplified, making it easier for players to understand and more flexible to accommodate their ideal playstyles. All progress made on Paragons thus far will be retained, and players can now choose any combination of 15 skills per Paragon tree. This rework empowers players to customize their characters more effectively and tailor their skills to their unique strategies.

As the storm approaches, prepare to dive into the world of Diablo Immortal with the Tempest class. Get ready now to harness the power of wind and water.

For more information on the Tempest, check out the full Dev Insights here.