Creative Aurvana Trio Review: Aural Nirvana Achieved

Creative Labs have been quietly launching audio products periodically over the decades, occasionally hitting gold. The Aurvana sub-brand has been Creative’s premium headphones series for many years, and Aurvana Trio is Creative’s first earphones with triple drivers. The config: one super tweeter Balanced Armature for sparkling highs, another mid-range Balanced Armature for the lead vocals and instruments, supported with a relatively large 10mm Bio-Cellulose dynamic driver for the low frequencies.

Creative Aurvana Trio

To please the audiophile enthusiasts, the braided cable is detachable so that users can alter the audio quality with aftermarket cables. But are the driver quality and tuning of the Aurvana Trio worth upgrading?

Indeed, the earphones produces an impressive sound that sought to please the user who desires musical bass and open treble. Mind you, these are not typical ear-pleasing V-shaped tuning. The bass delivers an impact that keeps us reminded of their presence yet not overpowering enough to annoy. The treble offers an uncanny transparency without sounding unpolished and harsh. The grainy texture produced by the recorded instruments can be a tad distracting, yet it introduces a new element for critical listening. The saving grace is the wide sound staging which separates the instrumental layers sufficiently for them to have room to resolve comfortably without sounding too cluttered.


Rating: 4.5/5

Once a while, Creative creates an exceptional audio product. Aurvana Trio is that product, delivering exceptional treble details and musically impactful bass. I find them thoroughly enjoyable on Classical genre, Jazz, pop ballads. With detachable MMCX cable connectors to customise, these earphones can grow with you for many years to come.