Game On-The-Go: Unveiling the Future with Lenovo’s Legion Go and Legion Glasses

As a tech writer, I’ve seen my fair share of gaming devices, but Lenovo’s Legion Go and Legion Glasses are in a league of their own. These devices are not just about gaming; they’re about redefining what gaming can be, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Check out my video gameplay below!

The Legion Go: Power and Portability in Your Hands

From the moment I unboxed the Legion Go, Lenovo’s first gaming handheld operating on Windows 11, I knew it was something special. Powered by the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor and AMD RDNA Graphics, it’s a beast in terms of performance. Gaming on this device, I was able to run the most power-demanding games.

The download speed was fast too. I downloaded FPS games like Counter-strike 2, and chill games like Overcooked 2 and Power Wash Stimulator.

The 8.8-inch QHD+ display is the show’s star, offering the largest screen I’ve seen on a handheld gaming device. Coupled with a 144Hz refresh rate, the Legion Go delivers gameplay that is not just stunning but incredibly smooth. The device’s RAM (up to 16GB LPDDR5X) and storage options (up to 1TB PCIe Gen4 SSD with additional micro-SD support) further enhance its performance.

Battery life is a crucial aspect of any portable device, and the Legion Go doesn’t disappoint. The 49.2Wh battery with Super Rapid Charge capability kept me gaming for hours, and I was back to full power quickly after plugging in.

But what truly sets the Legion Go apart are its innovative features. The detachable TrueStrike controllers bring a level of precision and comfort that I haven’t experienced before. The various gaming modes, especially the ‘Battlestation’, transform the handheld into a near desktop-level gaming experience. The FPS mouse mode is a godsend for shooter game fans.

Legion Glasses: A Glimpse into the Future of AR Gaming

Pairing the Legion Go with the Legion Glasses was a revelation. These wearable display glasses offer a high-quality AR gaming experience that’s hard to come by.

The micro-OLED display technology delivers vivid colours and sharp contrasts, making every game look fantastic. Its compatibility with other Legion devices and most operating systems via USB-C makes it a versatile addition to any gamer’s arsenal.

Check out these images taken from my POV when I use the Legion Glasses! Adding to the immersive experience, using the Legion Glasses while playing games is like stepping into a new gaming realm. When I first put them on, I was immediately struck by their sleek and lightweight design, which made them comfortable for extended gaming sessions. The micro-OLED display technology is a game-changer, offering vivid colours and deep contrasts that bring every game to life in stunning detail, such as when I was playing CS2.

The FHD resolution and 60Hz refresh rate ensure that the visuals are not only sharp but also smooth, making for an engaging and immersive experience. Whether I was exploring vast landscapes or engaged in fast-paced action, the Legion Glasses made me feel like I was part of the game.

The ease of compatibility with the Legion Go and other devices, thanks to the full-function USB-C connection, meant that I could switch between different gaming platforms seamlessly. This level of immersion and versatility is something I’ve been seeking in gaming tech.

Lenovo’s Legion Go and Legion Glasses are not just devices; they’re a testament to Lenovo’s commitment to innovation in the gaming industry. They offer a glimpse into the future of gaming – a future that’s portable, powerful, and immersive.

S$1,149 (Legion Go)
S$499 (Legion Glasses)