Averyl Goes CNY Visiting with the CabinZero Hip Pack 2L

I’ve always experienced the problem of not having anywhere to put my stuff, especially since I’m always walking around with my wallet, phone, and my portable charger. When I realised Chinese New Year was fast approaching, I knew I needed a solution. Thankfully, thanks to CabinZero, I think I’ve finally found what I need.

NXT Angel Averyl Loke posing with mandarin oranges and the CabinZero Hip Pack 2L

A Light and Spacious CNY Companion

I was lucky enough to get to try the CabinZero Hip Pack 2L, and the first thing that stuck out to me was the excellent quality of the fabric the bag is made of. The Polyester fabric felt durable and lightweight. The bag, weighing in at only 160g, was definitely very comfortable to carry. This special edition retails at $49 and can be found at DOT Bugis+. Sure, it doesn’t feel luxurious, but it definitely feels like it’s a bargain at its given price point.

The CabinZero hip pack 2L containing CNY essentials by Averyl Loke

The bag comes in a variety of colours, and I opted for the Spitalfields pattern. The bag had three main compartments, and was spacious enough for me to put the angpaos and oranges that I collected over the Chinese New Year weekend! The front pocket was a perfect fit for my phone, while the middle pocket had multiple compartments to help me separate my belongings neatly.

The CabinZero hip pack 2L containing CNY essentials by Averyl Loke

What I Liked the Most

What really stood out to me about the CabinZero Hip Pack was the back compartment. The back compartment is definitely the safest pocket of the bag because it sits against your body, and is RFID-blocking. Although I did not utilise it much while testing the bag, the security of it makes it perfect for travelling, as pickpockets will find it extremely difficult to steal from the back pocket and RFID-readers will be rendered useless.

At the end of the long weekend, the bag was still in pristine condition, which is a testament to how durable the CabinZero Hip Pack actually is. I really liked how functional it was, and I can’t help but emphasise again how perfect it is for travelling. I’ll definitely be bringing along with me on my next adventure. Huge thanks to NXT and CabinZero for the opportunity to test the CabinZero Hip Pack 2L out!