The iPhone 15 Pro Max Soaring to New Heights in Bird Paradise

The much-anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max is finally in my hands, and what better way to test it than a day out at Bird Paradise? With its extensive list of camera features, I was eager to put the device through its paces in a setting filled with vibrant colours, dynamic movements, and challenging light scenarios. I took the opportunity to vlog my experience, leveraging the enhanced capabilities of this latest device. Check it out!

Pro Camera System

The new Pro Camera System on the iPhone 15 Pro Max is simply astounding. With seven pro lenses ranging from Macro 13mm to a whopping 120mm, the possibilities felt endless. Birds that were too distant to capture on my previous phones were within easy reach with the 120mm telephoto lens. The continuous zoom feature is smooth, allowing me to frame shots precisely, ensuring that the bird’s vivid colours or intricate feather details were not compromised. The 120 mm is a great focal length to capture close-ups, wildlife photos, and sports action from afar.

The new 48MP Main camera is nothing short of stunning. Thanks to its nanoscale anti-reflective coating, the lens flare effects were significantly reduced, making my shots of sunlit birds even more captivating.

The ability to shift between 24MP and 48MP on the fly was fantastic. Comparing the shots, the level of detail at 24MP was superior.

Night Mode & Smart HDR

As we went to the penguin enclosure, it was dark to ensure the temperature of the enclosure stayed low. Hence, the Night mode was put to the test. The silhouettes of the birds against the water were captured with a high level of detail and vibrancy.

The Smart HDR worked wonders, giving images an almost surreal dynamic range. Sharing them on social media was even more rewarding as the new API ensured that they looked their best.

Telephoto Cameras

The 120mm telephoto lens on the Pro Max is revolutionary. Not only does it allow for extreme close-ups, but the quality is also maintained thanks to Apple’s tetraprism design and 3D sensor shift. The long-range zoom guide was handy, especially when trying to focus on birds perched far away.


With the next-generation portrait feature, capturing the penguin with a beautifully blurred backdrop.

Performance – A17 Pro Chip

While this day out was primarily to test the camera, it’s worth noting the incredible speed and efficiency of the A17 Pro Chip. Switching between apps, editing photos on the go, and even some casual gaming during breaks felt seamless.


iOS 17 represents a paradigm shift in the evolution of the Apple mobile operating system, offering a bouquet of innovations aimed at refining the user experience. This version brings along significant enhancements in the Phone, Messages, and FaceTime apps, ushering in a more dynamic era of communication.

Sharing becomes a breeze with the advanced AirDrop, which has a set of unique functionalities including NameDrop. Typing and dictation have seen monumental improvements with smarter autocorrect and a more precise speech recognition system in place. The new accessibility features ensure that the iOS ecosystem is more inclusive, addressing the needs of users with cognitive and vision disabilities.


During my leisure, I’ve immersed myself in a diverse range of gaming experiences. “Mario Kart Tour” whisked me away on a thrilling ride through colourful tracks with beloved characters, each race being a rush of adrenaline and nostalgic fun. The intensity shifted gears with “CSR 2 – Realistic Drag Racing,” where the roar of supercars and the exhilaration of speed became an obsession. Each drag race felt like a battle of wits and precision, pushing me to master the art of tuning and timing. My journey then took a cosmic turn with “Honkai: Star Rail.” Exploring the vastness of space, forging alliances, and indulging in epic battles against menacing adversaries made this game an interstellar marvel of storytelling and strategy. The game was not laggy and I experienced great gameplay with smooth graphics.

Dynamic Island

Amidst these virtual adventures, I kept a real-world tab on my interested flights using the “Flighty” app. This nifty tool, with its Live Activities and Dynamic Island features, ensured I was always updated about flight statuses. Winning accolades like the App Store Editor’s Choice and the 2023 Apple Design Award, Flighty truly soared high as an essential app.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max. It effortlessly adapted to every situation, delivering stellar images consistently. The extensive camera features and enhanced processing power make it a must-have for any photography enthusiast. With the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple once again demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max retails from S$1,999, find out more information here.