Wilbur LEO JW1: A Futuristic Masterpiece of Horological Innovation

Wilbur introduces its avant-garde approach to watchmaking with the launch of the Wilbur LEO JW1, a cutting-edge timepiece that combines futuristic automotive inspiration with intricate design elements reminiscent of the Roswell UFO wreckage. The LEO collection, which stands for “Low Earth Orbit,” represents a bold evolution of Wilbur’s horological vision. This release also marks the debut of the Wilbur Engine One, the brand’s inaugural in-house calibre, meticulously crafted by CEO and Chief Designer Jason Wilbur in his Southern California design studio after seven years of dedicated development.

The LEO’s modular titanium and black DLC housing, composed of eight distinct parts, breaks away from conventional watch case design. The attention to detail is evident in the hand-finishing of each component before assembly, resulting in striking features like razor-thin chamfered edges, contrasting polished and matte surfaces, and a unique lightweight lug design. Unlike traditional solid cases, Wilbur’s modular approach ensures meticulous craftsmanship from every angle. The screws surrounding the bezel are not mere embellishments but serve a functional purpose in this multi-part construction.

With a substantial case measuring 46mm by 48.5mm and a thickness of 16.5mm, the LEO exudes a bold presence. Nevertheless, thoughtful ergonomic design and lightweight construction guarantee a comfortable fit for various wrist sizes. The LEO collection encompasses limited editions in a range of captivating colours and material combinations.

The intricate skeleton dial of the LEO showcases alien-inspired hieroglyphs presented on suspended disks. These markings, reminiscent of the Roswell UFO incident, converge at the dial’s centre under an avant-garde skeleton bridge. Within the bridge’s central ring, the “alien language” deciphers to reveal the jump hour display. Indicators on the central structure highlight the minutes and seconds, displayed on disks at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, respectively. This visually captivating and intuitive display combines extraterrestrial aesthetics with user-friendly readability.

Crafted entirely in-house at Wilbur’s California design studio and manufactured in Switzerland, the Wilbur Engine One automatic jump hour movement represents over seven years of meticulous design and testing. This proprietary movement incorporates a unique alloy never before utilized in watchmaking. The Engine One appears to float within the LEO’s exoskeleton due to Wilbur’s signature case suspension system, which provides both security and a weightless appearance. Each Wilbur LEO is carefully regulated in-house, ensuring exceptional performance in tandem with its striking aesthetics. With a dependable 50-hour power reserve and a smooth 4 Hz frequency, the LEO is not just a groundbreaking design but a practical timekeeping instrument as well.

The Wilbur LEO JW1 represents a leap into new realms of luxury watchmaking, boasting a distinctive and otherworldly design, innovative complications, an in-house movement, and exquisite hand-finishing. Each variant of the Wilbur LEO JW1 is a meticulously crafted, limited-edition piece, with only 25 units available per version (except the LEO JW1.1, limited to 50 pieces). Depending on customization options, the Wilbur LEO JW1 is priced between $32,500 and $36,500.