Evolution of Excellence: Introducing the Furlan Marri Mecaquartz Reference 1205-H Watches of Switzerland Edition

Since its introduction in 2021, the Mecaquartz narrative of Furlan Marri has undergone significant development, unveiling a plethora of offerings: a permanent assortment, transient editions, and even a one-of-a-kind timepiece auctioned for charitable purposes. Presently, a fresh addition to this lineage emerges with the Reference 1205-H, tailor-made exclusively for the Watches of Switzerland.

The mecaquartz movement emerged subsequent to the Quartz crisis in the late 1980s. This innovative mechanism delivers groundbreaking performance, encompassing the same precision as quartz watches while maintaining the precise operation akin to mechanical chronographs. Moreover, this configuration permits the instantaneous return of the second hand to zero upon resetting.

The novel Watches of Switzerland Mecaquartz special edition arrives encased within a 38mm brushed bronze casing. It retains the distinctively engraved ‘tasti tondi’ pushers featuring an internal ‘perlage’ finish. This is complemented by a burgundy dial with a lustrous veneer, accentuated by sub-dials in a matching hue, boasting a circular texture to subtly differentiate them. The logo and pulsation details are presented in beige and sandy tones, creating a captivating contrast. Furthermore, the applied Breguet-style hour markers positioned at 6 and 12 o’clock, alongside the curved, dome-shaped hands, are crafted in 4N rose gold, contributing to its refined aesthetics.

Adorning the exterior of the case, positioned between the lugs at the 6 o’clock position, a distinctive engraving denotes the numbered edition. Each timepiece will thus possess a unique serial number, further individualized by its evolving patina. Over time, bronze, being a dynamic material, will develop a distinct patina unique to each wearer.

The screw-secured oblique case back is manufactured from stainless steel, enhancing comfort when worn against bare skin. Additionally, this design facilitates convenient access for maintenance of the Seiko VK64 Mecaquartz movement, when necessary.

Each watch is accompanied by two authentic vegetable-tanned leather straps: one in burgundy red with white stitching, and the other in brown with tone-on-tone stitching, both fastened with a bronze pin-buckle.

The Furlan Marri Mecaquartz Reference 1205-H Watches of Switzerland Edition is restricted to a production of 300 pieces, individually serialized, and is available for purchase at SGD 1,100 inclusive of taxes. It can be acquired exclusively at Watches of Switzerland boutiques in Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia.