Sony Introduces Mobile ES Lineup

Mobile ES represents Sony’s top of the line products in the world of car audio. The Mobile ES line-up features car speakers and a subwoofer including XS-162ES, XS-160ES, XS-690ES, XS-680ES and XS-W104ES, setting a new standard for superior in-car entertainment.

Developed with various technical updates, the Mobile ES line-up helps customers experience their favourite music, boosting their mood and transforming their car environment. It raises the bar for in-car entertainment and brings a whole new level of innovation to the car audio market.

Mica Reinforced Cellular is Sony’s original speaker diaphragm material, engineered for high rigidity. This third-generation compound has been further optimised with mechanical driver improvements to deliver an even wider frequency response and smoother, more natural sound characteristics.

The woofer surround features another proprietary Sony technology, with distinctive curved notches improving the vertical amplitude symmetry for dramatically reduced distortion and enhanced clarity.

Compatible with High-Resolution Audio, a soft dome tweeter diaphragm is directly attached on the voice coil, designed to cover the music’s ultra-high ends, with a frequency range extending up to 40kHz.

The Five-beam Frame design disperses resonance while the integrated Dynamic Air Diffuser ensures efficient air circulation for smooth cone travel and cooling of the voice coil.

The acoustically optimised spider allows for higher power handling and airflow, with a profile designed for more rapid and precise cushioning of the speaker cone.

MRC Honeycomb is specially designed for subwoofers. The core of the diaphragm is a foam-like material with a honeycomb-shaped fibre base, which gives flexural rigidity exceeding ten times higher than that of a regular PP matrix. This realises astonishingly precise and powerful bass and low distortion simultaneously.

Optimised for the newly developed mechanical approaches, this third-generation subwoofer diaphragm offers enhanced frequency response and smooth sound characteristics.

The XS-162ES, XS-160ES, XS-690ES, XS-680ES and XS-W104ES will be available in Singapore from May 2021.