Unbeatable Visuals with SHARP’s Wew AQUOS 4K Television

SHARP’s new AQUOS 4K television, 4T-C70K1X, it’s the latest home entertainment viewing device that combines entertainment and smart home technology all in one, allowing you to live life in high definition. Experience unrivalled entertainment, unrivalled family moments, and an unrivalled home office for all your work and play needs on a single device, all in SHARP’s AQUOS 4K high-definition resolution.

Unbeatable Entertainment

For endless entertainment options, watch your favourite TV shows, movies, videos, and live streams on a variety of Video-On-Demand platforms. It includes a Streaming Video Optimizer to reduce noise, a Wide Color Display for an enhanced colour experience, and automated brightness control to keep your eyes comfortable even after long hours of viewing. It includes entertainment apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, and Google Play.

Unbeatable Family Moments

Your family memories are created and stored on television. Aside from simply creating memories by spending time together in front of it, the AQUOS 4K also stores photos and videos of your most precious memories via easily connectible USB ports. It also supports video calls for members near and far, allowing you to stay connected digitally on a large screen using Google Duo.

Unbeatable Home Office

Work just as hard with the AQUOS 4K, which can wirelessly display your PC on its screen. Work easily with built-in smart functions such as Chromecast, web browsers, and Google Assistant, which are displayed with a Comfort Mode feature that reduces blue light emission to reduce tiredness.

With SHARP’s AQUOS 4K television, you can work and play in high definition.

The SHARP 4T-C70K1X AQUOS 4K TV is priced at $2,199 and available for purchase at SHARP’s official Shopee and Lazada stores and