Han Yun’s Experience Transiting Through Cities in Japan, with the Matador Transit Tote

Foldable and compact bags are essentials when it comes to travelling. The saying “Lighter is better” definitely applies to travel bags. Throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays, I was travelling across the scenic areas of Osaka and Kyoto. As my sister and I had to share the 25kg luggage with each other, there wasn’t much space to work with. There was definitely concern regarding space for our souvenirs. Therefore, I was very lucky to be given the Matador Transit Tote for my travelling use.

Han Yun with the Matador Transit Tote

Large Bag, Small Footprint

The first thing I noticed about the Matador Transit Tote was its size. It was surprisingly compact and when carried, it felt like it weighed nothing. At only 88g, it is not going to make a dent to your luggage weight limit.

Despite being compact and light, it is packed with security and convenience features. The Matador Transit Tote is water resistant packable tote with an 18-litre capacity and an awesome extra compartment in the front. When travelling, I personally often worry about theft. However, the material for the Matador Transit Tote is resistant to sharp items meaning if a thief were to cut the bag to steal something, he wouldn’t succeed. With that in mind I can shop to my heart’s content in crowded places without worry.

Han Yun in Japan with the Matador Transit Tote

I mainly used the Matador Transit Tote when I was out shopping in the streets of Kyoto and Osaka or when I was at the supermarket getting daily necessities. Needless to say, it is well suited for any travelling purposes.

Matador Transit Tote is retailing at $69.