The Hour Glass’ 40-year Anniversary Exhibition “Then Now Beyond” Open Until 29 Feb 2020

Honouring its journey of the past forty years, the celebratory exhibition Then Now Beyond, on view until 29 February 2020, presents special commissioned works by four renowned designers and contemporary artists addressing the beauty and essence of time.

The Hourglass' Then Now Beyond Exhibition

Timeless Exhibits

  • Inspired by the iconic design of the hourglass, Marc Newson reinterprets the ancient time measuring instrument and its principles first developed by the water clock. Uniquely hand-crafted crystal forms the body of the bulbs held within the Klepsydra, with each holding over 2.8 million metallic dusted nanoballs, that trickle down to provide accurate recordings of time;

Marc Newson's installation at The Hourglass' Then Now Beyond Exhibition

  • Developing on from the sculptural hourglass design, Daniel Arsham considers our place in time, from a future archaeological perspective. Created in the strong and static material of bronze, the object is frozen in time, inviting the viewer to consider the present moment.

Daniel Arsham's installation at The Hourglass' Then Now Beyond Exhibition

  • Sculpted from one singular form with two hands sliced from the structure, nendo creates a cuboid shaped clock. Meticulously orchestrated, the hands neatly overlap only twice a day, uniting the shape in its original appearance and conveying the impression of the resetting of the mind;

Nendo installation at The Hourglass' Then Now Beyond Exhibition

  • Studio Wieki Somers, addressing themes of climate change, explores the increasing destruction of insect habitats through urbanisation in ‘Beetle Clock’. Symbolizing the ticking of time for ecosystems, two beetles chase time around the age rings of a tree trunk and highlight the importance of small creatures within the larger chain of effects.

Studio Wieki Somers Installation at The Hourglass' Then Now Beyond Exhibition

The exhibition section of the flagship store ‘Malmaison by The Hour Glass’ has been redesigned by Milan based JoAnn Tan Studio, creating an immersive environment inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s cinematic sets for the special collection of limited-edition time pieces, and commissioned artworks for the exhibition.

Then Now Beyond was project managed by leading Art & Design Advisory firm, The Artling, with artwork editions available for purchase.