NXT Angel Natasha Experiences Easier and Better Immersion with Samsung Galaxy Buds

If I were to name the most recent piece of technology that has been taking the world by storm, it would undoubtedly be wireless headphones. One of the most notable releases as of late would be the Samsung Galaxy Buds, and it certainly is a formidable contender against some of the other models on the market.

Quick, Convenient and Lush

When you’re on the train or the bus with a heap of things to carry, it can sometimes be a bit of a hassle to put on your wireless headphones and pair it with your device. This is where you can colour me impressed with the ease of use that Samsung provides: You can pair your Galaxy Buds with your Galaxy device almost instantly via Bluetooth just by popping open your box! This is a lifesaver since I’m always walking around with my laptop case in hand. Furthermore, if something around you requires your utmost attention, you can always turn on Ambient Sound to quickly and seamlessly tune into your surroundings without having to take your Buds off.

For all the convenience it brings, though, I’m pleased to report that the Samsung Galaxy Buds does not compromise on audio quality. Audio specialists from specialty acoustics engineering company AKG have made sure of this by designing the Galaxy Buds to deliver incredibly rich, High Resolution live sound – so even though I wasn’t able to get my hands on a John Mayer concert ticket, the Galaxy Buds are still able to offer me some level of consolation with the lush, full surround-sound audio experience it provides.

Seamless Integration

As a current Samsung Galaxy S10+ user, I like the level of seamless integration that the Samsung Galaxy Buds provides for its Galaxy users. For one, I can pair and switch between different Galaxy devices easily, and watch and listen on whichever screen I please without any hassle. I can even use my Galaxy smartphone to wirelessly charge up the Buds should they run out of battery, which is perfect when I’m staying outdoors for extended periods of time.

Comfort is Key

Last, but certainly not least, I adore the Samsung Galaxy Buds for its comfortable and lightweight design. With both wing and ear tips that come in three different sizes, these wireless headphones fit snugly in the shell of my ear. This eliminates any fear of them falling out, which is an issue I have with other brands of wireless headphones. All in all, I feel like these are the perfect accessory for Samsung Galaxy users – without a shadow of a doubt.