Musically captivate with the FiiO BTR7, a portable Bluetooth amplifier

The leader in lossless audio players, FiiO, announces the arrival of FiiO BTR7 in Singapore. The brand-new high-end portable Bluetooth amplifier, BTR7, maintains a captivating appearance despite using the seventh-generation mecha design language. A 1.3-inch IPS colour display is combined with its laminated aluminium alloy body, which has been optimized for comfort and ergonomics while embracing the BTR7’s distinctive beauty. The display has a vibrant visual user interface that shows crucial data like volume, power, gain, and audio format in an understandable manner.

The ES9219C is one of the high-end features of the BTR7. It’s linked with an amplifier, a low-pass filter, and other components in a highly optimized audio architecture to capture every nuance and dynamic of the music. The additional worldwide Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) functionality will make music sound strong and clear. The BTR7 is the first portable Bluetooth amplifier to use two of the THX AAA-28 amplifiers in terms of amp construction. The FiiO R&D team made a breakthrough by fitting 4 channels of the THX AAA amplifiers into a small body for a completely balanced audio design. This resulted in an increase of 88 per cent in single-ended power output and a 30% increase in balanced power output over earlier designs. The BTR7 is set to offer an extraordinary bold symphony of music experience.

Some of the key highlights of the new FiiO BTR7 include:

●  Wireless freedom: The Qualcomm QCC5124 Bluetooth chip has a dual DSP and multi-core CPU design that not only guarantees consistent connections but also supports both high-res formats like LDAC/aptX HD/aptX Adaptive and more widely used formats like AAC/SBC.

●  All-encompassing, always there for you: The XMOS XUF208 chip, which the BTR7 utilizes for USB Audio, is responsible for receiving and decoding audio data streams with support for native DSD256 and PCM 384kHz up to 384kHz. Up to MQA 8x rendering is available in USB DAC mode when used with an MQA player.

●  Seamlessly integrated metal antenna: Befitting its status as a high-end Bluetooth amplifier, the BTR7 adopts FiiO’s own patented seamless metal frame antenna design. The sleek design also ensures Bluetooth connections are more stable and interference-free.

●  Worry-free battery life: As a multifunctional Bluetooth amplifier, the BTR7 needs plenty of battery power when used throughout the day. FiiO not only boosts battery capacity to 880mAh but also provides wired and wireless charging compatibility. While Qi wireless charging is practical and will stop charging when the battery is full, USB-connected charging is quick and effective.

●  Widely compatible dual output: Each update of the BTR series reflects contemporary trends in the personal audio world. In addition to the traditional 3.5mm single-ended headphone output, the BTR7 offers a 4.4mm balanced headphone output for a detailed audio experience in a widely used jack format.●  One-click “dongle” mode: The BTR7 can also be used as a “dongle”, serving as a wired decoder and headphone amplifier for mobile phones. Users can simply press the “CHARGE” button with one click to switch into and out of “dongle” mode. Compared to the typical “dongle”, the BTR7 does not consume a phone’s battery power and ensures its great sound quality is not compromised.

●  Companion app control and OTA upgrades: The BTR7 not only supports in-line controls but also supports control done via a companion app. For instance, the equaliser functionality in the companion app allows users to adjust their music to their tastes conveniently from their phone or device. The Bluetooth and system firmware can also receive over-the-air (OTA) updates through the app.

Pricing and Availability

FiiO BTR7 retails for SGD$319 (including GST) and is available immediately at AV One, Lazada, Connect IT, Jaben, E1 Personal Audio, SAM audio, Stereo Electronics, TK Foto and Treoo.