Unleash your gaming performance with AORUS 5 SE4

The ultimate gaming duo? AORUS 5 SE4 and GIGABYTE QHD Gaming Monitor for your best gaming performance

When I play games, I’m looking for a laptop that enables me to truly show my fullest potential. After trying out the AORUS 5 SE4, I can see why a classic gamer would enjoy using it.

First, I downloaded 2 games that I have always wanted to try on the XBOX game pass (buy the new GIGABYTE/ AORUS Laptop to get access to 1-month of Xbox Game Pass), Battlefield 1 and Forza Horizon 5. The games are downloaded quickly, as the laptop supports Thunderbolt 4 for high-speed transmission.

I first played Battlefield 1, where the laptop gave an excellent performance with the 12th Gen Intel CoreTM i7 processor, with a 360Hz high refresh rate panel and 3mm ultra-thin bezel. The flawless gaming graphics provided by a 360Hz high refresh rate display enables me to react immediately, which I feel tremendously improved my gameplay.

Even with a very processor-demanding game like Battlefield, the laptop’s GPU and CPU can perform to their utmost capacity thanks to its unique cooling method. While running these intense games, the laptop felt cool and ran smoothly. With two fans with 83 blades each, five heat pipes, and numerous cooling fins, WINDFORCE Infinity all-copper cooling technology effectively removes heat generated by the CPU and GPU.

Audio-wise, it is important in a shooting game like this to make use of auditory hints of where your enemies are. With DTS sound unbound, very real game sound positioning is relayed to me, signalling an accurate location of my enemy. It gives me a high auditory advantage which really improves my performance in the game!

The next game I tried out was Forza Horizon 45, a racing game with amazing graphics. The game demands a high-end GPU for extreme graphic settings. The AORUS 5 SE4 lived up to the specs of the game, where I enjoyed playing with lifelike ray-traced graphics. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3070 Series Laptop GPUs power the world’s fastest laptops for both gamers and creators. New Max-Q technologies make tiny, powerful laptops that are faster and better than ever possible.

I love how the AORUS 5’s chassis is all black, it is sleek with a striking aesthetic with its 3mm ultra-thin bezel. The tactile keyboard gives a lightning-fast key response and has a lifespan of 10 million keystrokes.

Currently, with every purchase of the AORUS 5 SE4 purchased, you will receive a free GIGABYTE QHD gaming monitor (worth $599 as MSRP). This was amazing news as I connected the gaming monitor to the laptop for events where I needed a bigger screen, such as watching movies with my friends! With the QHD monitor as an output device, we enjoyed high video quality. Coupled with the laptop’s built-in high refresh rate. I can comfortably stream movies at home and have the portability to bring the laptop to games outside.

The AORUS 5 SE4 is available here, retailing at S$2849. For more information, head to the official GIGABYTE website to find out more!