Levelling Up My Uni and Work Life with the LG gram

It’s a couple more months till the start of a new academic year in university, and a few incoming freshmen friends have asked me what laptops I would recommend for school. Having used the LG gram for a month, I recommended it to the freshmen (or ‘freshies’) because you won’t have to choose between performance, portability, and battery life – all of which are important considerations in choosing a laptop for school.

Vanessa using the LG gram 17 inch

Peak Performance

I shared about how our screen time is exceptionally higher during the Circuit Breaker in my previous article, but even before that I was working all day and all night on my laptop. The same applies to my friends who study and have a side hustle as well! For some of them, they do freelance videography, insurance, or blogshops on top of school. For most uni students, the laptop runs from morning to afternoon for lessons, and all the way through night time for project work. For me, I am working on a fashion e-commerce startup and I have to spend hours after hours on spreadsheets and video conferences. The dream laptop for me is therefore one with blazing connectivity and maximum productivity.

Here’s where the LG gram comes in. This newly released laptop comes with a 10th Generation Intel Core processor and up to 24GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory. This means that business applications can load at incredible speeds and the laptop runs smoothly. Sufficient storage space is also key to accommodate plenty of software. All these new features empower me to work at peak performance.

LG gram 17 inch

Lighter than a 1.5L Bottle of Water

After two years of university, the three things that are always on me on campus are my handphone, a cup of coffee, and a laptop (I don’t even bring a pen!) Because university students carry their laptop everywhere they go in their tote bag or laptop clutches, it is important to find a lightweight one. Can you believe that this massive 17-inch laptop weighs a mere 1.3kg, lighter than a PET bottle of water? If you prefer a more petite laptop, there is the 14-inch model coming in at only 999g. Bouncing between classes with barely any load will feel awesome.

LG gram 17 inch

Just a Single Charge to Last a Day

As a heavy user who overclocks her screen time and rarely switches off her laptop, long battery life is a huge perk. It matters less now with work from home, but in a regular academic semester, where my friends and I settle at random study corners and cafes to discuss projects and start-ups, charging point access might be limited. On top of being lightweight, the long battery life makes the LG gram a truly portable device. Both the 17 and 15-inch models are equipped with a large 80Wh power source, so I can enjoy up to 17 hours(!) per charge. Spending a full day at a cafe isn’t a problem anymore and I do not have to beeline for the charging port.

High performance and high portability is a rare combination, so it is no wonder that the flagship LG Gram 17 is a CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree.

Available at authorized retailers Best Denki, Challenger, COURTS, Harvey Norman and Gain City.

Visit LG’s website to find out more about this amazing laptop.