Maximum Productivity with the Award-winning LG gram

I never knew my fingers could be glued to my laptop for 12 hours a day, until the Circuit Breaker kicked in and many of us had to work from home. It’s a brand new experience for me, especially as I’m writing this right after the fourth day of my internship! With this new working style, I needed a high performing laptop more than ever. Thankfully the LG gram got me covered.

Watch me unbox the LG gram here!

Here are three things that I did to maximise time these two months:

Create Content. A Lot of Content

Vanessa using the LG gram 17-inch laptop

Before the Circuit Breaker, I was posting one photo a day. With more time at hand, I’ve been filming more fitness, beauty, and university-related homemade videos for YouTube and Instagram, even screen recording content with friends in video calls! I’m not a master of video editing, but I did the basics myself, and I am privileged to get to do my editing on a 17-inch Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array IPS display that gives me all the details and colours I want. The 17-inch LG gram with its 16:10 display is also easy on the eyes with all the important details blown up, and gives me more room to work on my videos. If you’re like me and edit photos and videos frequently, you’ll definitely appreciate the generous screen size of the LG gram 17-inch, especially if you’ll be in front of it for hours.

Video Conference, Day and Night

LG gram 17-inch laptop

You might be able to relate when I say that I have to take video calls throughout the day, sometimes even back to back! In the morning, I check in with my internship supervisor who teaches me new tools. When the afternoon rolls in (along with the food coma), team meetings happen. Finally, the evening is reserved for Chinese lessons or updates with my startup co-founder. My Internet connection makes or breaks effective communication, and I have seen situations where people disconnect and spending too much time fixing it. I am fortunate to be equipped with the LG gram that comes with a WiFi 6, making sure that all my video calls are smooth with enhanced wireless connectivity. The Mega Cooling System is a plus point, and I am so impressed that the laptop barely heats up and stays quiet even after a full day of video conferences.

Work with Numbers

Man using the LG gram 17-inch laptop

As part of my internship, I have to do data analysis, such as tracking website health on Google Analytics and analysing user behaviour and targeting users with Customer Relationship Management tools. That means running an excessive number of tabs and software at the same time and churning out data in real-time. The LG Gram upgraded from last year’s edition with the 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processor and a larger RAM for improved productivity and maximum efficiency. With work stacking up on my plate so fast, there is no leeway to slow down!

Look out for my next article where I will be sharing why I recommend the LG Gram for incoming university students.