NXT Angel Natalie keeps in step with the Huawei Watch GT

“I don’t actually go to the gym every day and prefer to go for walks at nature reserves like McRitchie or the Botanic Gardens. As a fitness tracker I think the Huawei Watch GT is pretty useful, though I only have one weekly workout it does help as a daily fitness tracker to log my daily steps, active minutes and daily calories burnt.

The 46mm Watch GT Classic Edition fits me just right and is easy to match with different clothes due to its minimalistic design featuring a black bezel and rubber strap. There is a range of 13 different watch faces for me to choose from, so I never have to stick to just one generic watch face.

I’ve never worn a sleep tracker so I tried it to find out my sleep patterns and to figure out how many hours I spend in deep sleep, light sleep, random eye movement and breathing quality while you sleep. I set my daily step goal at 10,000 and I’ve been hitting it to get badges and challenges. I also find the standing and moving reminders useful to keep me going each day.

The battery lasted me a good 8 days with daily usage and a constant flow of notifications from messaging apps that I had set to show on the watch. For me, this is an important factor of a smartwatch as it is convenient that I do not need to charge it every other day.

Apart from the lack of WiFi and Near Field Communications (NFC) options which means mobile payments are not supported, I found that this watch is definitely a match for those who are looking for a stylish workout watch with more functions to suit daily needs.”

Natalie is currently doing a Communications degree with the University of Buffalo, where she’s now in her second year. On Instagram you can find her @natalieyxy.

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei’s Watch GT promises performance and ultra-long battery life with advanced fitness and wellness tracking capabilities. Available in 42mm Elegant Edition or 46mm Classic Edition, the Watch GT sports a bright AMOLED HD colour touchscreen that you can use to reply to notifications or set up a workout.

For activity tracking, the Watch GT Classic Edition features two-week battery life with typical use including: all day wear and heart rate function activated, scientific sleeping function activated at night, 90 minutes of exercise per week and message notification.