Reminiscing at Home with the Canon Powershot G7x Mark III

Vanessa in Sydney with Canon accessories


Hands up if your screen time increased since the start of Circuit Breaker! Mine did – TREMENDOUSLY. Besides social media, it’s also because I’ve been looking through my old photos and videos that I took at the start of the year with the Canon Powershot G7x Mark III, particularly the ones in Sydney.

In my previous article, I talked about the key ingredients for a new YouTube channel, which I started called SubtleAsians (go subscribe!), one of which is having a good camera. Do not estimate the petite size of the Canon Powershot G7x Mark III! Although it’s a fraction of the size and weight of those mega-sized film cameras, this 304g body is more than sufficient to take quality footages. It performs well in low-light too, which came in really important when it was dark inside SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. Kudos to the stacked design CMOS sensor for the higher pixel and great low-light imaging capabilities!

A bulk of the footages in my vlog came from the Canon Powershot G7x Mark III, while the remainder are largely drone shots. Have a look!


Vanessa with the Canon Powershot G7x Mark III

One thing I missed a lot is indulging in nature – the fresh air, greenery, and sound of birds. As much as I go to the park once in a while during this Circuit Breaker, it’s still not enough. So, I like looking through photos of gorgeous scenery that I’ve taken.

Vanessa with the Canon Powershot G7x Mark IIIOne of my favourite photos of the trip was the one taken at the famous Blue Mountains (although I am not sure if we were supposed to sit on the cliff). The colour of the photos taken with the Powershot G7x Mark III are vibrant, and I am more than satisfied! Look at the greens!


I was so caught up with exploring Sydney to bother live streaming there, but I found out that livestreaming was a unique feature of the Powershot G7x Mark III and it’s one that I definitely want to try. You can stream directly from the camera to YouTube!  How insane is that? Level up and differentiate yourself from all the other content creators with the 4.2x optical zoom and the dazzling brightness of f/1.2-f/2.8. With countless of new content creators on YouTube every day, this feature will help anyone who wants to stream stand out. The 3.5mm mic port lets you attach a mic for better audio too, while the flip-up screen helps you frame yourself.

Vanessa with the Canon Powershot G7x Mark III

I’m glad to go down memory lane with all the awesome photos and videos taken with the Canon Powershot G7x Mark III. Stay positive for the rest of the Circuit Breaker, and if it means opening your gallery of good memories, go ahead!

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