realme Launch New Phone, Earbuds and Smartwatch

Realme released their latest realme 8 5G, offering a new generation 5G processor with the Dimensity 700 5G Processor. Its 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display and 5000mAh massive  battery, the realme 8 5G is set to impress users and elevate their smartphone experience.  

As a new-generation 5G processor, the Dimensity 700 mixes two highly-capable Arm Cortex-A76  ‘Big’ cores in its octa-core CPU operating up to a speedy 2.2GHz, and mainstream 5G smartphones benefit from a leading 7nm production process. The leading 7nm production processor, which is up to 28% more power-efficient than an equivalent 8nm process, allows the Dimensity 700 to be used at high performance while barely using up battery power. This means that the smartphone’s battery life can be extended, and users can be kept connected for a longer period of time. 

The Dimensity 700 also brings a powerful GPU – the Arm Mali-G57 MC2 with 950MHz clock speed, as well as supports a 90Hz high refresh rate screen technology. With this refresh rate screen technology, scrolling through websites and the gaming experience will be much more seamless.  

It has Smart 5G technology which allows the phone to intelligently sense the surrounding signal  environment and “senselessly” switch between 4G and 5G. With CPU tuning, backlight adjustment, as well as other  strategies and targeted power-saving measures for specific applications, the system power  consumption is reduced, and the phone’s battery life is extended. 

With the Sleep Standby Optimisation, users can leave the phone running at low power during sleep to save power and the App Quick Freeze feature will automatically freeze idle applications, and after the application enters the quick-freeze state, it will not consume power backstage. 

The camera has marked a critical role in the 4G era. With the increase in network speeds, livestreams are expected to be done anytime, anywhere. Not only that, demand for greater photography technologies has also become prevalent and to keep up with this, realme has  introduced the 48MP nightscape camera in the realme 8 5G. 

The realme 8 5G features the 48MP triple camera – the 48MP high-definition primary camera, the B&W portrait lens, and the 4cm macro lens. 

The realme 8 5G is officially available for purchase on 29 May 2021 in the colourway Supersonic Blue, at a retail price of S$399, across all channels including realme’s concept store.


Realme has launched a new generation of their TWS earbuds – the realme Buds Air 2. The earbuds have been tuned by the world’s top 100 DJs – The Chainsmokers – in collaboration with the realme Music Studio. The realme Buds Air 2 uses a high-end diamond like carbon diaphragm, making the sound quality of the TWS impeccable, and also supports Active  Noise Cancellation, noise reduction depth of 25dB, and can effectively reduce most low-frequency noise. Additionally, this newest product also inherits the curvy aesthetics of its predecessor, the realme Buds Air. 

The realme Buds Air 2 is perfect for all-day use with up to 25-hour battery life, 10 mm Large Drive and only 88ms low latency mode – an all-around upgrade from the realme Buds Air. 

With the Active Noise Cancellation feature, realme is determined to bring noise cancellation to the masses, making what was originally a high-end feature, more affordable for the average user. The realme Buds Air 2 also supports up to 25dB of noise cancellation that can filter out most low frequency noise, including the rumble of airplanes and the train. Not only that, the realme Buds Air  2 also has the ability to cancel out the noise of home appliances, allowing users to immerse in their  music or work without being disturbed. 

With the Transparency Mode on the realme Buds Air 2, when the device is switched on, customers will still be able to hear conversations around them through the microphone. Since the in-ear design brings physical noise cancellation, the Transparency Mode makes it convenient to talk to others without removing the headphones.  

Realme Buds Air 2 is also equipped with dual microphones for superior sound pickup when it comes to calls. This is achieved through the Environmental Noise Cancellation algorithm, which significantly reduces surrounding noise during a call, allowing the other person to hear more clearly – resulting in more engaging conversations between two people.  

The realme Air Buds Air 2 is a product of close collaboration between The Chainsmokers and realme Music Studio – with particular focus on sound quality tuning, including material selection and audio curve tuning. The realme Air Buds 2 is equipped with the new Bass Boost + bass enhancement solution – also tuned by The Chainsmokers and realme Music Studio. Compared to the device’s predecessor, it fully leverages the power of the large dynamic coil and DLC diaphragm, bringing customers a spectacular bass quality. Now more than ever, customers can turn up the bass for live recordings, electronic and rock music.

The realme Buds Air 2 is available in one colourway, Closer White, and will be officially on sale from 24 May 2021, at a retail price of S$99 (Closer White) across all channels

realme Buds Q2 breaks away from the ubiquitous solid colour design seen on most standard TWS devices in the market and incorporates the cut-shape aesthetic of kaleidoscopes into the earbuds’ design. 

Aside from the extraordinary exterior, realme Buds Q2 is also extremely comfortable to  wear, with each earbud only weighing at 4.1 grams – lighter than a sheet of paper.  Combined with the charging case, the realme Buds Q2 only weighs 39 grams, perfect for  users on-the-go. 

The realme Buds Q2 also features outstanding battery life of 20 hours, ahead of the market average of 15 hours within the same price range. The superb battery capacity of the realme Buds Q2 is also complemented by fast charging performance, powering 120 minutes of  playback on just 10 minutes of charge, above the market average of 40 minutes under the  same price segment. 

True to elevating the TWS market, the realme Buds Q2 also boasts good sound quality  with the detailed touches of product development. The realme Buds Q2 is equipped with  Peek+TPU Polymer Composite Diaphragm imported from Japan, an innovative material  that allows for great elasticity, while providing adequate toughness. The two types of  material combined – one malleable, one tough – bring users a richly-layered listening  experience. It also features an IPX4 water resistance rating to safeguard users from day to-day water hazards. 

Furthermore, realme has applied the Bass Boost+ technology, created through a master  sound mixer with 10 years of experience. The Bass Boost+ technology fully leverages the  large dynamic coil to give users a strong bass that is akin to a live performance. Three EQ  Presets are also available in the realme Link App for every audio experience. To perfect  the user experience, realme Buds Q2 also features an Environmental Noise Cancellation  algorithm that is effective at lowering environmental noise during calls and a Gaming Mode  with 88ms super low latency that allows sound and picture to sync perfectly across  entertainment uses. 

Exquisite craftsmanship, coupled with extraordinary battery life, outstanding sound quality,  and superior connectivity, the realme Buds Q2 sets the bar higher within the TWS earphone segment.

Realme Buds Q2 will come in the colourway of Black, at the price of S$69, available in Singapore islandwide from 29 May 2021

The realme watch 2 is equipped with a 315mAh large battery which can last up to 12 days, along with magnetic charging that reaches full charge within 2.5 hours, and IP68 water resistance, ensuring a reliable experience across all scenarios. The realme Watch 2 also  features a 1.4-inch large colour touchscreen that comes geared with 30fps high refresh rate to deliver a smoother experience, finger controls, and improved reactiveness. At a high resolution of 320×320 pixels and a peak brightness of 600 nits, the display has been fine  tuned to remain clearly visible even under direct sunlight. 

As the perfect sports companion for active users, the realme Watch 2 comes with  significant upgrades to a total of 90 sports modes, across a diverse selection of sports  mode, from running and cycling, to roller skating, street dance, and outdoor cross-country. The realme Watch 2 also includes meditation mode, sedentary reminder, find your phone,  drinking reminder, and many other functions that help users upkeep a healthy lifestyle. 

Additionally, realme Watch 2 uses an advanced PPG Sensor to accurately monitor blood  oxygen levels and heart rate, as well as sleep monitoring to keep users updated on health  and exercise status in real time – delivering standards similar to that of professional  equipment. Status updates are pushed seamlessly through realme’s highly acclaimed  smart notification functionality, allowing users to handle all matters easily from the wrist. 

Part of an interconnected realme AIoT ecosystem, the realme Watch 2 supports AIoT  remote control, users can remotely control speakers, light bulbs, sockets and many other  realme AIoT products within the wider ecosystem.

realme Watch 2 will be available at the price of S$99 island wide.