The $55 Mi Smart Band 4 Will Keep You On Track

Smartwatches are not new to the fitness scene ever since Apple launched their first series of Apple Watches back in 2015. Fitness watches are a subset of smartwatches that can keep track of your heart rate, how much you workout, and count the number of steps you take a day. With fitness being such a trend in this day and age, it is not surprising that almost everyone would want a fitness watch. However, restrictions do apply. The high demand of these sleek and popular smartwatches has driven the price of these devices up so high that not everyone can afford them. This is where Xiaomi comes in with their Mi Smart Band 4 ($55), an affordable smartwatch that has all the qualities mentioned above. 

NXT Angel Zhimin tests out the Mi Smartband 4

Stay Motivated to Keep Fit

Let us be real, life can get so hectic sometimes and all we want to do out of class or work is sleep and rest. I always wondered how people could still work out after school or work consistently. How do you stay motivated to keep fit after such a long day? After I started using the Mi Smart Band 4, I finally understood why. Having the band on my wrist is a constant reminder of fitness. This reminder prompted me to work out every night, as if it’s mocking my unfit body! It also keeps track of several different workouts such as running, cycling, and even swimming (Yes, you can swim with it!).

In addition, the Mi Smart Band 4 allows me to track my steps and tells me how many steps I have to walk each day to keep a healthy lifestyle. 8,000 steps a day seemed daunting initially, but I was soon hitting 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day. You can even set an hourly reminder if you need a little reminder and pushing to be active! 

Heart rate monitor on the Mi Smart Band 4

Keeping Track of Your Health

Aside from motivating you and keeping track of your workouts, the Mi Smart Band 4 gives a rather detailed analysis of your sleep cycle. It shows you the quality of your sleep by differentiating the amount of time you are in deep and light sleep. The results of my sleep analysis scared me into trying to fix my sleep cycle. Initially, I was sleeping a grand total of two to five hours daily. However, after a week or two of using the Mi Smart Band 4, I started to consciously change my sleeping schedule and I wake up more refreshed each day. 

As an athlete, I also get to keep track of how fit I am through my resting heart rate and my heart rate when I am exercising. Here’s a reminder for all you fitspos: the lower your heart rate when you are exercising indicates that you are fitter because there is enough oxygen in each pump that your heart does not need to pump as much as someone who is unfit! 

The Mi Smart Band 4 – Made for Students

Calling all my fellow students! This simple smart device is made just for us. The affordable price point is catered to people like me who wants a fitness watch, but can’t afford the ones that cost a three digit number. It has almost all the basic requirements of a fitness watch and can even notify me when I get a call or a text. The battery life of this band lasted me about a week fully-charged – how convenient! You can even link the watch to Spotify and control your music from the watch.

NXT Angel Zhimin tests out the Mi Smartband 4

If, like me, you have forsaken the promise you made to take better care of yourself this year, consider getting the Mi Smart Band 4! Maybe it would motivate and push you towards living a healthier lifestyle like how it helped me. Jog on with this perfect fitness partner!